The Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers

The Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Ibogaine treatment centers are hard to vet. Why? Almost all operate in countries besides the United States. There’s no universal standard of care. There are few reviews. These treatment centers are often secretive, with little presence online. They open and close quickly. The staffs seem to rotate. 

Iboga is used ceremonially by the Babongo and Bantu people of Gabon–but most treatment centers–usually in Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada–are run by people who may not understand the plant. 

Mostly, it’s hard to recommend ibogaine treatment centers because of the nature of ibogaine (and iboga, the root from which ibogaine is derived.) The reason: most psychedelics cannot kill you. Ibogaine can be deadly. (Ibogaine is not technically a psychedelic.)

Hard numbers are scarce, but of the people who take ibogaine, as many as one in 300 die, a doctor who knows ibogaine told me.  Ibogaine kills by putting the heart into a deadly, unhealthy rhythm, say scientists who’ve studied ibogaine

In light of ibogaine’s toxicity, the ibogaine experts told me, many or most clinics are not super trustworthy to handle something so serious. Some don’t always take into account the cardiac risks. Others don’t properly do integration or preparation. Many don’t adequately do medical screening. A number of clinics, when they’ve had a death, will simply close up shop, relocate, and reopen under a new name. 

So, after speaking with a handful of ibogaine experts, including people who’ve traveled to treatment centers and who keep tabs on them, we feel comfortable recommending a very small number of treatment centers. 

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How We Make the List 

Mostly, we talked to experts in iboga and listened hard. We went through the websites, read reviews online. As I went through the treatment centers that are online, I’d find good candidates for this “Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers” list. Yet the experts usually rejoined with words of caution. That one, they’d say, doesn’t have enough medical supervision. Or: that one isn’t trauma-informed. And: that one had a death. Or: that one had a lot of deaths.

The main thing the ibogaine insiders focused on was safety. Is the treatment centers staffed with doctors? “They should have a cardiac monitor, AED, and meds like magnesium on hand,” said Dr. Case Newsom, an emergency room physician. We only included centers we felt were trustworthy medically.

Do the practitioners have many years of experience? And can you be sure you’ll be looked after to the highest degree?

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The Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Beōnd, Mexico

Location: Cancun, Mexico

What They Treat: They specialize in disorders of substance use, behavioral problems like porn addiction, as well as trauma and PTSD. And they work with patients aiming at personal development and spiritual and emotional growth.

HealingMaps says: Beond is among the most thorough, well-rounded, and overall best ibogaine treatment centers we’ve seen, with a long list of positive qualities:

  • Medical oversight for a drug that can be dangerous:
    • The clinical director is a medical doctor who has worked with thousands of people doing ibogaine treatments over 17 years; another doctor has admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, which is important in emergencies; there’s a doctor who’s a specialist in heart rhythms, a main culprit in ibogaine fatalities
    • Seasoned nurses
  • Trusted advisors:
    • PhDs and researchers with deep knowledge of ibogaine
  • Psychological support:
    • Preparation and integration therapists walk patients through their journey from start to finish and beyond.
  • Commitment to ethics:
    • The clinic works to source its ibogaine in a way that adheres to international agreements like the Nagoya Protocol and benefits the West African iboga farmers
  • Well-rounded care team:
    • There’s yoga, aquatics, meditation, breath work, energy healers, massage, and more

Costs: Beond uses a tiered system of pricing for its 10-day treatment programs:

  • $9,500 for the first 5 spots
  • $12,500 for the next 10 spots
  • $15,500 for the last 5 spots

The prices are first-come, first serve, and result in a mix of high income patients and people of more moderate means.

Facility highlights: In a mansion in Cancun that reminds us of a villa we’d see in Conde Nast Traveler, there are swimming pools, balconies, bright green lawns, warm lighting, white couches, soft pillows, heart monitors, massage tables, and ice bath tubs.

Patient Review/ Testimonial: The clinic is endorsed by lots of believers. These fans include the real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, who was hooked on Suboxone, an opioid substitute. “The solution is at Beond,” said Belfort. “It’s the real deal … as much like a 5-star hotel as it is a rehab.”

The reviews on Google glow: “This place is a treasure. A place for true healing of trauma.” – Sidney. And: “Beond is a wonderfully supportive and miraculous place of healing!” – Lauren.

Do They Offer Ibogaine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Yes.

Root Healing, Portugal

The staff at Root Healing

Location: Sintra, Portugal

What They Treat: Substance use disorder and drug detox, psychospiritual issues, depression, anxiety, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease.

HealingMaps says: Perhaps the best Bwiti-based ibogaine clinic. (In contrast to other clinics that follow a Western, medical model.) Root Healing says: “You cannot have Iboga without Bwiti, or Bwiti without Iboga.” The Bwiti provide the basis not just for the treatment, but for a healthy philosophy of life: nature will always give you what you need, but if you abuse it or became attached to it, you will suffer misery.

Root Healing does iboga with integrity from top to bottom, including ethically-sourced iboga, reciprocity with Gabon, medical screening, counseling throughout your retreat, and integration calls afterward.

Root Healing Portugal

Costs: Not listed, but a recent attendee told us they paid about $4,000 for the week.

Facility highlights: The location is crazy gorgeous, on a pine-covered hill near the Atlantic, with creeping vines, peaceful gardens, and a bright blue pool.

Patient Review/ Testimonial: “Root Healing Retreat was one of the most pivotal experiences of my life. I found myself. I found my voice.” Rebecca via Trustpilot

Do They Offer Ibogaine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Yes.

Beneva, Brazil

Dr. Bruno Rasmussen/Beneva Clinic

Location: Three locations in Brazil

What They Treat: Depression, suicidal ideation, chemical dependence.

HealingMaps Says: Beneva has three clinics in Brazil. The experts we talked to are most impressed by Beneva because they give ibogaine in a hospital setting. This provides lots of support in the event of a medical emergency. They have three medical doctors on staff. Their medical director, Dr. Bruno Rasmussen, has more than 30 years of experience in addiction treatment. He is trained in psychedelic-assisted therapies by the US organization MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) and has led the only MDMA pilot trial for post-traumatic stress carried out in

Costs: Not listed. 

Facility highlights: Ibogaine happens in a hospital setting–which is almost unique. So while the setting might not be top-notch, the safety profile is. 

Patient Review/ Testimonial: None found online. 

Do They Offer Ibogaine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Yes.

Pangea Biomedics, Mexico

Clare Wilkins/Pangea Biomedics. Photo from YouTube

Location: Puerto Vallarta 

What They Treat: Depression, addiction, personal growth, pain management. 

HealingMaps says: The clinic was founded by ibogaine pioneer Clare Wilkins, who has worked with ibogaine since 2006. The majority of clinics do “flood” doses of iboga or ibogaine, which is one large dose of ibogaine in one night. Wilkins specializes in repeated low doses over the course of weeks. Low doses are safer, with less risk of heart problems. The go-low go-slow approach gives folks time to work through their issues, and better understand the realizations ibogaine brings. Even with the safer doses, Pangea closely monitors vital signs throughout the treatment. 

Costs: Depends on the person and the length of treatment. 

Patient Testimonial/Review: None found online.

Do They Offer Ibogaine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Yes. 

The POI Institute, Mexico

Co-founders of the POI Institute, George and Diane

Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Conditions They Treat: Substance abuse, gambling or sexual addictions, anxiety and depression, PTSD and spiritual healing. 

HealingMaps Says: POI stands for “Power of I.” POI emphasizes the power of the individual to heal themselves. A well-resourced, diligent, professional staff helps you address whatever concerns you have. Endorsed by ibogaine experts.

Costs: Not listed.

Facility highlights: Luxury accommodations beachside with a view of the sea of Cortez with a firepit and a pool.

Patient review/testimonial: “The best experience I’ve ever had. Absolutely fantastic.” – anonymous from

Do They Offer Ibogaine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Yes. 

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A Note About Integration

It’s important to find a solid ibogaine treatment center. But it’s just as crucial to have a plan in place for after you get home. People who seek ibogaine may be especially vulnerable. Ibogaine is perhaps the most promising drug in the world for the treatment of addiction. People who are addicted are often at risk of relapsing, which can be deadly. “I recommend being in a place afterwards where you will be surrounded by healthy and supportive people,” writes Juliana Mulligan, one of the world’s experts on ibogaine, on her website. “It’s also important to make a plan to work with a therapist, or take part in some kind of group therapy, before and after treatment regardless of why you are seeking Ibogaine treatment.” 

On her website, Mulligan has a checklist of things to consider when picking an ibogaine clinic, including: 

  • The clinics need to do an EKG and liver panel blood work.
  • The clinics need a doctor present during the sessions, and a nurse. Your vital signs need checking every half hour, Mulligan writes. 
  • The clinics ought to keep you at least four days post-session, and possibly more, for monitoring. 

If you’re looking for ibogaine integration, the best we heard about is Inscape Recovery in Mexico. Inscape combines indigenous plant medicines with naturopathic systems, phytotherapy and psychotherapy. Many people who go to Inscape after an ibogaine find temendous benefit.

Whatever you do, be careful. Trust the medicine–but vet your providers.

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