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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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Conditions They Treat: Depression, Addiction and Detox, Personal Growth, Pain Management.

HealingMaps Says: Run by the very committed Clare Wilkins, Pangea has a lot of experience helping people addicted to various things kick their habits. Wilkins is a thought leader on ibogaine, and used the drug to loosen heroin’s grip on herself. She’s spoken at Horizons and MAPS conferences on the powers of ibogaine, including having treated more than 400 people.

Costs: Not listed except to say that the cost depends on the individual.

Patient Review/ Testimonial: None found online.

Facility Highlights: Details on the clinic itself are apparently not on the internet as far as we could tell.

Do They Offer Ibogaine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Unclear.

Are Female Practitioners Available? It was founded by a woman.

Do they Accept Insurance? No.

Additional Info:

People suffering from the debilitating symptoms of treatment-resistant pain and mood disorders can find relief at Pangea Biomedics. The healing center provides slow-dose ibogaine therapy to help people overcome their chronic conditions. Slow-dose ibogaine therapy at the clinic happens over the course of three levels and intensities using the iboga root bark powder, a total-spectrum alkaloid extract, and purified ibogaine hydrochloride.

Pangea Biomedics is made up of a team of dedicated medical professionals and therapists that believe in the power of combining clinical psychedelics and proven holistic therapies. Their evidence-based approach using ibogaine has helped many patients heal from their ailments once and for all.

Pricing & Details

Pangea Biomedics’ program is individually organized around each client. They often request a minimum time investment of 3 weeks to ensure each treatment is complete, though certain people sometimes continue to work with the team in some capacity for up to 8 weeks or longer. This depends on the type and severity of your condition, if you have any dependencies, and Pangea Biomedics’ availability.

Pangea offers inpatient and outpatient services. Inpatient treatment includes lodging, primarily organic, plant-based meals, ibogaine, supplements & medications, neurofeedback, and medical care. It also includes vital auxiliary therapies such as acupuncture, bodywork, private yoga or exercise sessions, and individual psychotherapy.

​The outpatient program varies in nature and scope, depending on the needs and abilities of the client, does not include food or accommodation, and can be designed remotely, serving those who are unable to travel. Obviously, remote treatment excludes the use of ibogaine, utilizing personalized orthomolecular medicine protocols along with other therapeutic tools.

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  • amy
    March 24, 2023 at 7:49 pm

    Hi! I would love to talk with your clinic. 1. I am studying to be a Therapist for Yoga, meditation, and wellness. and 2. I need help getting off my depression meds. I am a big promoter and studier of psychedelic therapies.

    I will be moving to Puerto Vallarta in August.

    Would love any info Thanks.

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