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Ibogaine Treatment by David Dardashti is an alternative healing retreat located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The facility uses a fundamental process to naturally detoxify and restore the brain, body and soul, providing support for its participants.

The retreat focuses on providing freedom for those struggling with substance abuse, mental health issues or work burnout. By providing both education and guidance, Ibogaine Treatment by David Dardashti heals through natural medicine.

David Dardashti leads the retreat, drawing on his own experience with addiction to support others with ibogaine therapy.

After quitting opiates (cold turkey), Dardashti spiraled into a deep depression during his journey towards sobriety. Through his own passion and research, he developed a passion to help others who suffer from similar battles. This is where he discovered the power of ibogaine.

Much of the influence at Ibogaine Treatment by David Dardashti comes from Maimonides, who was a 12th-century scholar, physician and philosopher. Through David’s learnings, he follows a similar approach to spirituality and medicine.

For those feeling lost in addiction, the retreat offers hope, support and a plan to overcome your struggles. It provides a safe community and individualized approach, leading to positive results.


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  • Avraham Weiss
    February 10, 2023 at 7:17 pm

    I went to David Dardashti to treat myself with ibogaine for childhood trauma. David wasn’t even there. However I received exellemd treatment by his staff. This place is the real deal. I highly recommend going specifically to David’s retreat since as far as I know he has the most experience and is truly doing this for his deep passion to help others reset from their trauma and get a true fresh start.

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