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Beond combines the power of psychedelic plant medicine with best-in-class behavioral therapies to rapidly interrupt opiate addiction; treat alcohol use disorder; and stop addiction to prescription medications, opioid replacement medications, and more. Other clients come for our unique PTSD and trauma protocols as well helping depression and anxiety resulting in a re-balance and a happier, healthier life.

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Please see the Beond Reset Programs at for more information regarding how ibogaine-assisted therapies may be useful for changing relationships with digital media, food, self-esteem and loved ones.

Beond’s ibogaine treatment approach aims to effectively address the deep emotional wounds at the root of chronic destructive behaviors so long-term healing can be realized for our clients & their loved ones.

Beond’s Mexico-based centers use the most advanced combination of proprietary safety treatment protocols, medical professionals & technologies combined with ibogaine-assisted therapies to end addiction and chronic suffering from trauma—rapidly, safely & effectively.

Our Mexico-based clinical team at Beond is led by highly experienced medical doctors, addiction specialists, licensed psychotherapists, nutritionists, coaches, and guides. Over thousands of client engagements, Beond’s team has developed a 5-phase delivery approach called “Insight Oriented Ibogaine” that begins with remote preparation and includes long-term aftercare.

Our certified, on-site and remote-staffed coaches are available 24 hours a day to support the preparation and long-term integration for our clients and their families.

Our remote (via video teleconference) therapeutic preparation, pre-treatment, treatment, long-term aftercare and post-integration processes are safely facilitated and focused on the use of ibogaine for accelerated detoxification and radical processing of core traumas at the root of the addiction to opiates, alcohol, prescription medications, opiate replacement medications, and other addictive self-destructive behaviors.

We provide private, safe ground transportation, and our luxurious facility is located approximately 15 minutes drive from Cancun International Airport (CAN). The exact location of the clinic will be provided upon inquiry.

Testimonials from Beond Patients

I cannot speak highly enough about the incredible client experience at Beond. I felt so well taken care of, every detail was looked after, and every staff and medical person is top notch. The comfort, the food, the medicine… all excellent! While I originally attended Beond to learn more about ibogaine and see what kind of healing would be possible for me, I received much more than I anticipated and feel that my life is changed permanently in all the best ways!

Kaia R

I’m leaving this review as a parent not a patient, and I can’t say enough about the treatment our son received at Beond. We were contacted from start to finish , and are still contact since our son arrived home this weekend.

Any questions or concerns were addressed immediately and we felt that he was in a very safe and loving environment.

They had the patience of a saint , because our son was a challenge for sure! The staff was amazing and we saw such a change in our son both psychically and mentally. With clean living, good food , exercise and being drug free he’s a stronger person and now its up to him to use the tools he has learned to continue a sober life.

Do not hesitate for one moment about sending your loved one to this facility because they are top notch!

We feel so blessed we chose them for our sons care!

Shelly K

Beond is a clear step up from its alternatives at a significant value. Beond is also an obvious improvement on the services, level of care, comfort, and wellness I experienced elsewhere and at “luxury” destinations.

First of all: The level of comfort & privacy for individuals or couples is very high and comes standard. The facility itself reflects a rustic, farmhouse minimalism. Fresh Linens, wash and fold, and maid service is also offered daily.

Appropriate and uplifting contemporary artworks have been thoughtfully curated and procured locally. The suites are spacious, private, sprawling, and feature walk-in amenities with no fuss.

Available services include: daily massage, daily therapy, personal training & dietary assistance. “Groups” focus on preparing the mind and body for treatment more than adequately.

What distinguishes Beond as an industry leader medically is advanced modeling and industry-leading expertise to tailor detox services, treatment protocols, and dual-diagnosis services to each individual on a case-by-case basis. Notably absent is a moralizing and unilateral, doctrinal approach to healing here. Beonds’s clinical culture creates a high level of physical and emotional comfort for clients to receive life-affirming care.

Beond indexes on wellness maintenance to prepare the spirit and body for treatment through a clean, biodynamic diet. Each mealtime offers a number of fresh, clean, healthy food options and low-sugar snack alternatives, family style. Beond chefs can also easily accommodate any dietary or lifestyle preference, need or allergy.

This holistic wellness-based approach puts people seeking healing & awakening at a significant advantage on their journey compared to other clinics or traditional dual-diagnosis facilities.

The staff-client culture at Beond exudes a welcome and compassion that is palpable from the start. To experience the difference yourself, all one need do is make a general inquiry on their contact page.

One other distinction beside excelling at preparing clients for an individualized Ibogaine-assisted healing experience, Beond also incorporates a rich ecosystem of specialized aftercare experiences. There are bi-weekly peer-fellowship calls, coaching, integration and therapy referrals. On this Note: before you commit to your dates, I advise you to scan the “Homecoming App” for orientation guides, a valuable reading list, and a host of residential, remote, and local aftercare services.

Lastly: The greatest resource by far at Beond is the clientele itself. The setting is intimate and you will have a chance to get to know your peers —A special group of folks who are seeking an authentic healing experience like yourself. I hope and encourage you to listen and to share their experience (especially if it differs) and grow alongside them.

Gutter M

There is something purely magical about Beond and I feel it was no coincidence that I found it. I have been struggling with hardcore substance abuse problems for many years and have been to several traditional rehab centers but Beond gave me something different. It approaches addiction & recovery in an entirely new and in my opinion more effective way. It not only helped to interrupt the cycle of addiction and deeply ingrained patterns of thinking but it opened my heart again to unconditional love and acceptance both in the way that I received it there and how much I was able to give it to myself and especially others. I made bonds with other clients and even the staff that will last a life time. I saw Beond as a sort of a womb or cocoon in a sense where I felt totally safe, nurtured and could be my most vulnerable self. It was a place of rebirth and I feel a deep sense of gratitude towards my experience at Beond. All the medical staff and psychologists are highly experienced and top notch and I honestly feel that they really care about me and are invested in my well being and recovery. If you are struggling with substance abuse or trauma I highly recommend you go here.

Jane M

Beond gave me the most incredible experience of my life. From 20 years of hopelessness to excited about my future within a matter of days. The entire team of staff made me feel safe, comfortable, and like family. I cant recommend this clinic and treatment enough. The food was A++. With family style meals and option to try authentic Mexican dishes, there wasn’t anything i didn’t enjoy. A complete feeling and sense of genuine compassion and empathy from every employee. The psychology was deep and purposeful, specially tailored to each individual’s needs. Getting to watch other patients transformations in just a matter of days was one of my favourite parts. Watching a broken individual walk in, to seeing them leave with a big smile on their face was truly amazing. There was a lot of skepticism from friends and family before sending me to Beond. I am now living proof that this treatment works.

Ben R

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Service 5.0
Value for Money 5.0
Location 5.0
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Susan
    June 15, 2023 at 2:18 am

    My first night at Beōnd, they had me complete a questionnaire for depression. The same questionnaire I’ve completed with pretty much every talk therapist I’ve had over the past two-and-a-half decades. Yup. Still discouraged about the future. Still feel like a failure.

    My last night at Beōnd, they had me complete the questionnaire again.

    Wait. Whuh? Who is this person answering the questions so differently?? I don’t recognize her. And yet… she seems kinda familiar to me.

    I have never felt so safe and surrounded by love as I did during my stay at Beōnd.

    My healing began before I ever ingested the ibogaine. Underneath addiction is disconnection and self-abandonment. The kind, caring souls at Beōnd showed me more love in 10 days than I had shown myself in 55 years. They helped me reconnect with my true self that I had lost touch with. THEY are an integral part of the medicine <3

    Going to Beōnd was the best gift I’ve ever given myself. Leaving was the hardest part of the treatment! I didn’t want to return home. But the love and care they all gave me is forever in my heart, and it’s with me wherever I go.

    When Dr. Felipe gave me a farewell hug he said softly, “Take your life back.”

    I AM!

    Thank you so much to everyone at Beōnd. I am forever grateful.

    Helpful Review 1
  • Will F
    May 5, 2023 at 10:25 pm

    I have struggled with alcohol and anxiety for most of my adult life. Time at treatment programs in the US provided some learning and kept me sober for some good stretches, but the underlying issues remained, and I had many replases. I also worried that a psychedelic treatment would be in conflict with my commitment to working a 12 step program.

    Beōnd is in a different galaxy, and now I see that there is NO conflict with working the 12 steps. It is truly a sacred space, with the most loving, empathetic staff — nothing I could have imagined. The time in the Beōnd community was as important as the actual medicine, which was itself profound. I have identified the key underlying issues that have been blocking the “true me” from merging and expressing himself. I have found myself again, and can love me. I was and am not broken; I am whole and healing.

    I will be forever grateful for my time at Beōnd. And I can tap into the experience at any time. And oh by the way, being on campus feels like being at a fancy spa retreat, with the most wonderful food, served family style 🙂 Happy to talk more about my experience with anyone curious and doubtful.

    Helpful Review 4
  • Andrea Johnson
    April 20, 2023 at 5:25 pm

    I’d like to know the cost and duration of stay at Beond. My son needs help but I need to know if I can afford it. Thank you.

    Helpful Review 59
  • Evelin
    February 20, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    I am from Europe and I have been traveling to Mexico many times,that is why I am interested to “clean” myself from BZO in Mexico.
    Because I have to colculate the whole price ( with air ticket ), I would like to colculate aproxament price for the whole treatment.
    If you can send me some more informations I will be very gratefull.

    Best regards,


    Helpful Review 11
  • Sid
    February 6, 2023 at 2:22 pm

    The most amazing place for healing. Dr Malacara has done over 2000 journeys. The owners are deeply involved in each person recovery. The food and chefs are amazing. You will learn tools to continue your own personal journey of healing

    Helpful Review 2
  • Keith O.
    October 6, 2022 at 2:38 am

    Beond provided the best experience of my life. I came in broken and left with the knowledge and ability to repair myself. Ibogaine was a truly amazing treatment, which showed me how to begin the healing process. But I give a lot of the credit to the amazing medical staff, all of whom not only provided outstanding medical care, but they did it with compassion and love. The therapeutic staff consisted of dedicated professionals who went overboard to give us (the patients) the tools and insight to make positive changes in the way we think, thus leading to positive changes in all areas of life.

    But it didn’t stop there. We were given all kinds of activities, e.g,, yoga, exercise classes, music and art therapy, daily massages. We were fed nutritious, healthful meals. The support staff, i.e., those who taught and directed the activities, the housekeepers, the groundskeepers, the hospitality team, the chefs, the administrative staff, and anyone I may have excluded, looked after our every need. It truly was a healing process for the mind, body, and spirit.

    However, this is important. YOUR SUCCESS IS UP TO YOU. Beond is the beginning of your journey, not the end-all. Ibogaine will open your mind to the therapy and care you receive there. You and your therapist will c0-write an after care plan.

    Beond will give you the tools. Open your heart and mind, follow the plan and you’ll be successful .Think you’re cured and ignore the plan and you may not be.

    Helpful Review 6

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