The POI Institute – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Conditions They Treat: Substance abuse, gambling or sexual addictions, anxiety and depression, PTSD and spiritual healing. 

HealingMaps Says: POI stands for “Power of I.” POI emphasizes the power of the individual to heal themselves. A well-resourced, diligent, professional staff helps you address whatever concerns you have. Endorsed by ibogaine experts.

Costs: Not listed.

Facility highlights: Luxury accomodations beachside with a view of the sea of Cortez with a firepit and a pool.

Patient review/testimonial: “The best experience I’ve ever had. Absolutely fantastic.” – anonymous from

Do They Offer Ibogaine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Yes.

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Co-founders of the POI Institute, George and Diane

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  • Michael
    February 15, 2024 at 11:19 am

    Cost of treatment
    Benzo brain damage
    Opioid withdrawal

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