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Stella Center New York City in New York, New York.

Advanced treatments for mental health challenges like PTSD/PTSI, anxiety and depression.

+8,000 people treated

+20 certified locations nationwide

5 Centers of Excellence

Stella Center NYC offers an interventional psychiatry approach to mental health. We treat mental health challenges as injuries, not disorders, by aiming to heal the injury instead of just managing the symptoms. Our ketamine therapy protocols pair in-office, medically guided infusions with virtual integration therapy to bring dramatic healing in the window of transformation following treatment.

Get relief from symptoms like disrupted sleep, panic attacks, irritability, hypervigilance, difficulties concentrating, sexual dysfunction, and more.

Work directly with Stella’s Advanced Practice Provider to come up with a custom care plan with safe and effective treatment modalities, including:

  • Ketamine Infusion Therapy
  • Dual Sympathetic Reset (advanced Stellate Ganglion Block SGB)
  • Integration Therapy
  • Intake assessment

What Patients Like the Most:

  • Fast and long-lasting relief
  • Trauma informed approach
  • Continuous patient care pre and post treatment
  • Integration sessions after treatment
  • Advanced practice provider follow ups

Real Patients, Real Stories

This treatment was a literal life-saver for me. I had the Dual Sympathetic Reset (DSR) treatment done on me to address my PTSI/PTSD issues, and felt relief of my symptoms within minutes of having the procedure. The entire team at Stella are extremely professional, compassionate and truly want to help people people suffering from PTSI. I have never before felt that comfortable in a medical setting. I highly encourage anybody that is suffering or going through day to day life with PTSD to reach out to the Stella Center and get the treatment, so that you too can live a happy life again.

— Stella Center Client

What Stella Patients Report:

  • Better sleep and fewer nightmares
  • Feeling less irritated and jumpy
  • Better concentration at work
  • Regained interest in fun activities
  • Driving is less stressful

Financing Options:

For those living in New York, intake appointments, integration therapy and follow-up appointments are covered by Aetna. All other treatments are considered self-pay and may be eligible for insurance reimbursement depending on your plan and location.

  • Interest-free in-house financing
  • Financing through Rectangle Health
  • Accept Credit Cards, FSA, HSA and CareCredit
  • SuperBills are available

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