Tabula Rasa Retreat – Alentejo, Portugal Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Alentejo, Portugal
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People struggling with addiction or those who wish to reach their full potential can experience a truly transformative experience at Tabula Rasa Retreat. The retreat offers guests the chance to heal from the inside out using ibogaine. Ibogaine is a psychedelic substance proven to help improve a person’s overall mental wellness.

For a well-rounded stay, holistic therapies are used alongside ibogaine to further progress healing. Some of those therapies include mindfulness, yoga and movement, and breath work.

The medical providers and staff at Tabula Rasa Retreat take pride in offering ibogaine treatments in a safe medical setting. Their mission is to provide healing to people that is affordable, effective, and done so in a way that provides lasting results.

Unlike other places that utilize ibogaine, the retreat aims to set itself apart by offering an unmatched holistic experience.

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