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People suffering from treatment-resistant mood disorders can find relief from their symptoms at The How Clinic. The health center provides ketamine-assisted psychotherapy services to people with both severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. By offering ketamine for these mood disorders, the staff at the clinic can provide hope for a brighter future for their patients.

What People Like About The How Clinic – Encinitas, California

In our review, we uncover the facets of The How Clinic that earn high marks from patients:

  • Exceptional Staff Engagement: Patients consistently laud the clinic’s staff for their friendliness and genuine care. The team’s ability to remember personal details enhances the overall treatment experience.
  • Outstanding Chiropractic Services: Numerous testimonials praise Dr. Sebastian’s expertise in chiropractic adjustments. His ability to improve sleep and well-being through back and neck adjustments stands out.
  • Effective Pain Management: Users report significant relief from chronic pain and a return to normal activities post-treatment, especially highlighting Dr. Scott’s adjustments for severe pain and balance issues.
  • Professional Atmosphere: The clinic’s environment is professional yet welcoming. This balance contributes significantly to the positive patient experience.
  • Comprehensive Care: From check-in to recovery, the quality of care is consistently praised. Dr. Chao’s matter-of-fact approach, combined with his expertise, is especially noted for its effectiveness.
  • Range of Services: Besides chiropractic care, the clinic offers excellent massage therapy options. This variety allows patients to choose treatments that best suit their needs.
  • Athlete Rehabilitation: Dr. Chao’s reputation for assisting athletes back to peak performance garners specific praise. His tailored treatments and successful outcomes for athletes underline the clinic’s specialized capabilities.
  • Positive Practice Environment: The clinic is lauded for its upbeat, positive ambiance. This environment, coupled with the staff’s professionalism and courtesy, significantly enhances patient satisfaction.

By breaking down the components that contribute to The How Clinic’s favorable reviews, it’s clear that their commitment to patient care, professional service, and a welcoming environment are key to their success in Encinitas, California.

What People Don’t Like About The How Clinic – Encinitas, California

While the How Clinic in Encinitas, California, garners much praise, we’ve found some areas where patients express dissatisfaction. Our exploration highlights these points:

  • Appointment Wait Times:
  • Some patients report long waits before seeing a specialist.
  • This can hinder those needing urgent care.
  • Communication Gaps:
  • Feedback mentions occasional lapses in communication.
  • Patients sometimes feel left out of the treatment planning process.
  • Insurance Handling:
  • Navigating insurance coverage proves challenging for some.
  • Confusion arises over billing and insurance benefits.
  • Limited Service Range for Some Needs:
  • A few patients mention a desire for more diverse treatment options.
  • Certain specialized services aren’t available.
  • Parking and Accessibility:
  • Parking difficulties frequently inconvenience patients.
  • Accessibility poses a hurdle for those with mobility issues.
  • The Experience
  • Reports of inconsistent follow-up care post-treatment.
  • Patients feel a need for more robust check-ins and support.

A Little About The How Clinic

The How Clinic is led by Dr. John How, a board-certified emergency medicine physician. Having worked in the emergency area of the medical industry for over a decade, Dr. How has seen first-hand the physical and mental struggles that can develop in people working in high-stress jobs and environments.

While Dr. How and his staff can help anyone with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, his special interest is to help those aforementioned people overcome their disorders by using ketamine therapy.

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