These Are The Most Common Psychedelic Side Effects and How To Deal With Them

Medical psychedelics are on the rise, but this is what to know before trying them.

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Psychedelic Drugs Show Promise For A Range Of Mental Health Concerns

Early studies show how psychedelic drugs impact mental health issues.

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Ketamine For Depression: A Starting Guide

An introduction into the use of ketamine for depression.

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Psychedelics For Asthma Could Bring Big Benefits

More studies continue to determine whether psychedelics can lead to better treatment against human issues. From mental health problems to

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Microdosing For Anxiety: Important Info To Know Before Trying It

Some people swear by microdosing for anxiety relief, but is it for you?

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I’m Mentally and Physically Healthy. Should I Take Psychedelics?

“Psychedelics don’t care if you are using them for recreation, therapy, or ceremony–they will give you what they have to

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