Why Has Growing Magic Mushrooms At Home Suddenly Started To Boom?

Why Has Growing Magic Mushrooms At Home Suddenly Started To Boom?

Magic mushrooms — or psilocybin mushrooms — are one of the most abundant types of psychedelics found in nature. There are over 180 species of magic mushrooms, and they grow all over the world. While it’s not too difficult to pick them, this can still involve waiting for the right season, some time spent looking for them, and often some luck as well. This is why many people decide to start growing magic mushrooms.

The practice of growing magic mushrooms at home is also on the rise. But why is this so? There are a few different reasons we can point to, which are worth exploring.

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More People Are Open To Growing Magic Mushrooms

Mainstream media outlets regularly report on the subject of psychedelics. This usually follows the publication of research on their therapeutic effects. As more people see that psychedelics are both safe and potentially transformative, the result is a decline in psychedelic stigma.

This increased media attention also generates interest in psychedelics among the general public. These factors combine to create an effect where more people are open to trying psychedelics. The practice of microdosing magic mushrooms — and other psychedelics — has become quite popular.

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Growing Magic Mushrooms At Home Is Often The Best Option

Whether someone is new to psychedelics or not, they may want to use them as safely as possible. Given that magic mushrooms are illegal in most countries, to obtain them, your options include the following.

  • Picking them
  • Buying them from a dealer
  • Purchasing them from the dark web
  • Growing them yourself

For many people, the last option is preferable. The other options can seem either too risky or inconvenient.

Identifying and picking them in nature can be risky if you pick the wrong mushroom and it turns out to be a poisonous species. If you buy them from a dealer, you don’t know for certain what species you’re getting (species can vary widely in potency), and they might have mold on them.

Using the dark web can be tricky. You have to figure out how to use specific software so that your personal information stays hidden. Plus, you have to worry about not getting your order, getting scammed, delays, the market going down, or having your package intercepted by law enforcement.

To grow magic mushrooms, you can get all the supplies you need, and then you can start producing your own personal supply of “shrooms“. You don’t have to rely on other people. Growing magic mushrooms ensures that you will have access to the benefits of mushrooms when you need them. It also means you know exactly what type of magic mushroom you’re taking. This, therefore, makes growing mushrooms a popular option — especially penis envy mushrooms.

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DIY Will Also Cost Much Less

Growing magic mushrooms can also save you money. In the U.S., to buy magic mushrooms from a dealer, the cost is about $35 per eighth of an ounce ($10 per gram). In Canada, where magic mushroom dispensaries are opening, the cost is 8-10 times more than the street price of mushrooms in the U.S.

By contrast, you can buy magic mushroom spores for $15-$20. By following the correct steps, and using the right equipment, you could then produce more than 100 times the quantity of mushrooms compared to buying them from a dealer for the same price.

Given that more people want to try magic mushrooms, the peace of mind and cost-saving potential of growing magic mushrooms makes many of these people attracted to this option. Our partner, The ThirdWave, sells a great grow kit that helps saves money in the long run.

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There Is More Information On Growing Magic Mushrooms

But you don’t have to pay for a course to grow magic mushrooms at home. Plenty of psychedelic websites and forums provide information on how to do this. There are also many subreddits where users share tips and experiences about growing magic mushrooms. These include r/PsilocybinMushrooms, r/MagicMushrooms, and r/psilocybin.

You might think growing magic mushrooms is too difficult or likely to fail. But with so many step-by-step guides now available on how to do it, it’s pretty easy to do correctly. The boom in magic mushroom cultivation partly comes down to people’s ability to easily access high-quality information on how to carry out the process.

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Laws surrounding the cultivation and possession of magic mushrooms are also changing in the U.S. In 2019, Denver, Colorado, became the first U.S. city to decriminalize magic mushrooms. Other U.S. cities that followed suit included Oakland, Santa Cruz, Somerville, and Cambridge.

These changes mean that users who grow and possess magic mushrooms will no longer face prosecution. In Oakland, following decriminalization, there have even been classes on mushroom cultivation, with a growing kit included.

The fact that you won’t get a criminal record for growing magic mushrooms in the cities mentioned means that many more people will feel comfortable about cultivating them. The prohibited status of psychedelics is often one major reason why people don’t use them, or why they’re hesitant about doing so. When these laws are relaxed, people will have fewer fears about possessing psychedelics.

We are likely to see magic mushroom cultivation only grow in popularity. A proposed California bill, Senate Bill 519, would see the decriminalization of psychedelics. And in other parts of the world, we will likely see laws surrounding magic mushrooms relax in the coming years.

As this happens, more people will be able to grow magic mushrooms without interference from the law. This will be a huge step for personal freedom, as well as offer a way for people to enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of the psychedelic experience.

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