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Acupuncture by Homa in Redondo Beach California

Acupuncture by Homa is a clinic that offers oriental and functional medicine to re-establish health and wellbeing. They use sustenance, exercise, way of life proposals, needle therapy, pressure point massage, and homegrown medication.

Acupuncture by Homa was founded by Homa Sikon, L.Ac., a traditional Oriental medicine professional who once dealt with multi-billion-dollar satellite interchange projects for the U.S. military as an architect. In 2004, she gave up being an architect to focus on the field of functional medicine.

With a foundation in electrical design, Homa has solid critical thinking abilities with a sharp brain for detail. She sees an individual comprehensively and treats the primary driver of a problem.

Acupuncture by Homa offers the following services:

  • Acupuncture for Cosmetics
  • Hypno-Acupuncture
  • Community Acupuncture (Temporarily Suspended Due to COVID-19)
  • Cupping (Temporarily Suspended Due to COVID-19)
  • Acupuncture Cleanse (Book Online)
  • Corporate Wellness

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