Kelsey Ale in Santa Monica California

Kelsey Ale offers holistic and wellness coaching to help men and women improve gut health and digestive issues. Clients are guided through a therapeutic program called the 28-Day Gut Health Reset Program. This program targets the underlying source of symptoms to eliminate those problems permanently.

Kelsey Ale is a certified Nutritional Therapist, Gut Health Specialist, and Best-Selling Healthy Cookbook Author. She dove heavily into studying about nutrition science, carefully weeding out fad diets and “dietary philosophies” based on opinion rather than research, and began using herself as a guinea pig for procedures that made sense. She decided to pursue and obtain her certification in Nutritional Therapy after years of seeking. 

Furthermore, she’s known for being an advocate for mental health and a nutritionist who uses testing and supplements to help those with gut health concerns as well as those with food sensitivities, alleviate their symptoms organically.

What type of services does Kelsey Ale offer?

  • Tools to assess your digestion and wellness issues
  • Dietary habits analysis and recommendations
  • Lifestyle exercises
  • Healing supplement recommendations
  • Healthy recipe inspiration
  • Access to objective testing that shows us exactly what’s going on inside the body
  • A comprehensive plan for one’s specific healing needs

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