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11950 W Corporate Way, #57539, Anaheim, CA 92801
Anxiety Nutrition Solutions in Folsom California

Anxiety Nutrition Solutions specializes in natural solutions for anxiety, stress, and emotional eating through nutritional solutions. The clinic provides a comprehensive process to help overcome these issues.

Trudy Scott, the food mood expert and founder of Anxiety Nutrition Solutions, is a qualified nutritionist who educates and empowers anxious people worldwide about natural remedies. She has multiple degrees in biology and substantial expertise in clinical dietetics and is known for her knowledge of how to use specific amino acids—like how to treat pyroluria, and how benzodiazepines can be bad for you. She mostly works with women, but the information she provides also works for both men and kids as well.

Trudy’s motivation comes from her knowledge of the dangers of modern lifestyles that don’t get enough nutrition. People who are lawyers and doctors trust her because she does good work. The food-mood connection is something she has personally experienced, and she is passionate about spreading the word about it.

Services offered at Anxiety Nutrition Solutions:

  • Nutrition Counseling for Weight Reduction
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Recipe Modification and Development
  • Workshops and Seminars on Nutrition

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