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People suffering from various chronic mood disorders can find relief from their symptoms at Be Well Michelle MD. The health and wellness center provides ketamine therapy alongside other innovative therapy techniques to help people heal in ways they never thought possible. Conditions that can be treated using ketamine include anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

What People Like About Be Well Michelle MD – Deerfield, Illinois

When we delve into the reviews for Be Well Michelle MD in Deerfield, Illinois, several positive themes emerge consistently. Through our analysis, we’ve identified key aspects that patients appreciate about this psychiatric care provider.

  • Quality Care: Patients value the high-quality psychiatric care provided. They highlight the attentive, detailed approach in both diagnosis and treatment plans.
  • Experienced Psychotherapy: The clinic’s commitment to psychotherapy, alongside medication management, stands out. This dual approach addresses both the psychological and biological aspects of mental health disorders.
  • Specialized Attention: A focus on mood disorders, anxiety, and eating disorders is particularly mentioned. Patients feel their specific needs are understood and competently addressed.
  • Family Inclusive Sessions: Offering sessions for individuals, couples, and families showcases the clinic’s holistic approach to mental health. This inclusivity is a significant plus for patients looking for comprehensive family care.
  • Outpatient Focus: With an exclusive outpatient model, the clinic concentrates on providing continuous care without the need for hospitalization. This approach is appreciated by those who need steady and ongoing support.

While exploring what people like about Be Well Michelle MD, it’s clear that the blend of experienced care, specialized attention, and the inclusive approach makes it a valued resource in Deerfield, Illinois. The array of positive feedback from patients underscores the clinic’s role in their mental health journey.

What People Don’t Like About Be Well Michelle MD – Deerfield, Illinois

While Be Well Michelle MD garners praise, some aspects don’t meet everyone’s expectations. Reflecting on patient feedback, we’ve pinpointed areas of concern. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Booking Challenges:
  • Patients face difficulties scheduling appointments.
  • Some report the clinic is booked for months.
  • Billing Issues:
  • Complaints about overcharging exist.
  • Some mention incorrect billing codes.
  • Expertise and Bedside Manner:
  • A few believe the clinic lacks in medical expertise.
  • There are mentions of subpar bedside manner.
  • Insurance Coverage Confusion:
  • Patients express confusion over insurance acceptance.
  • Specific insurance types lead to longer wait times for appointments.

Understanding these points allows for a well-rounded view of the clinic’s offerings. It’s essential to weigh both the pros and cons when considering any healthcare provider.

A Little About Be Well

Be Well Michelle MD is owned and operated by Dr. Michelle Flowers. Dr. Flowers is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Her vast experience helping people achieve relief combined with her passion for wellness translates into the success of her practice.

Dr. Flowers’ mission is to help people identify and then reach their full potential using ketamine and other methods of treatment.

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