Bwiti Canada – Cookstown, ON, Canada Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Cookstown, Ontario, Canada

The healing qualities of the ancient plant medicine come to Canada. Bwiti Canada, located in historic Cookstown, ON, offers iboga ceremonies to seekers and sufferers. Each 5-day retreat includes iboga experiences as well as food, lodging, and pre- and post-experience counseling. Many who have experienced iboga speak of its ability to dull the ache of addiction and to open the mind to new paths and possibilities.

Bwiti Canada founder Luis Makonza Da Silva led a tortured and harried existence. After a home invasion led to a dangerous pill addiction, Luis eventually found his way to an African shaman who suggested another route. The transformation from his iboga experience led to a desire to share this healing path with anyone struggling to find a way out of addiction.

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