Sacred Soul Therapy is an iboga treatment retreat based around Indigenous Bwiti practices. The facilitators offer these transformational psychedelic ceremonies to seekers and sufferers alike. Iboga, in the form of Ibogaine, is being hailed as a revolutionary treatment for addiction. Further, Iboga has a generations-long history of allowing people to move past the blocks of their pasts. In doing so, many are able to achieve new personal heights.

Three and a half years ago, founder Amber Richards had a profound Iboga journey. She has since completed training with a Bwiti shaman. Amber now offers the healing and transforming powers of Iboga to Western Canada at Sacred Soul Therapy. Ms. Richards is one of only a handful of women to complete the Bwiti Rites of Passage. The experience she brings will help you on a path to healing and hopefulness.

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