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Dr. Philip Wolfson’s Center for Transformational Psychotherapy, located in San Anselmo, California, is a spiritually-inflected psychotherapy clinic that now offers KAP, or Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy. Unlike infusion clinics, Dr. Wolfson’s clinic combines the experience of a ketamine treatment with psychotherapy, before, during, and after the treatment. This assisted-therapy allows patients to explore, in a compassionately and expertly guided fashion, the revelations that are possible during a psychedelic experience. Ketamine was originally developed as a safe and effective anesthetic, primarily in emergency situations, but more recent research also suggests that it is a remarkably beneficial medication for those dealing with chronic pain or treatment-resistant mental health complaints. Patients of the Center for Transformational Psychotherapy will find a new route to healing through KAP.

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Dr. Philip E. Wolfson, MD began practicing psychotherapy in 1966 and psychiatry in 1972. A longtime proponent of the use of psychedelic medicines in psychiatric settings, Dr. Wolfson also practiced MDMA-assisted psychotherapy during the period in which that drug was still legal. As a founding member of the SEN (Spiritual Emergency Network), Dr. Wolfson also brings a focus on spirituality and emotional health to his practice. He is a widely published author on the topic of psychedelics and spirituality. At Dr. Wolfson’s clinic, the goal is to allow people to see themselves the way many others see them, not as someone broken by their conditions and struggles, but as someone who can struggle through “emotional crisis” to a brighter, healthier future.

Offered Treatments

  • KAP (Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy)
  • Sublingual Ketamine Lozenges

Treated Conditions

  • Please contact the clinic for further information on the conditions for which Dr. Wolfson recommends KAP

Important Info

  • Ketamine therapies are not generally covered by insurance. Check with your provider for further details.
  • Some specific conditions preclude ketamine treatments, including but not limited to: nursing/pregnancy; untreated cardiovascular conditions; untreated hyperthyroidism
  • Please contact the clinic for further information regarding possible medical conditions or medications that may interfere with ketamine treatments.

Your Treatment: What to Expect

Following a thorough psychiatric and physiological exam, initial KAP treatments take place at the Center for Transformational Psychotherapy clinic offices. Patients are accompanied during their experience by a psychiatrist and a physician, both of whom guide the experience and ensure that none of the side effects become unpleasant or distracting. These sessions last three hours, and are followed up by supervised, at-home lozenge treatments and integration therapy sessions.

Who is this treatment for?

Ketamine is a fast-acting antidepressant, and can stabilize individuals whose symptoms are becoming dangerous to themselves or others with remarkable efficiency. KAP is recommended for those who experience with mainstream medications and therapies has been disappointing, though it can also function as a valuable part of a pre-existing treatment plan.

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