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Hummingbird Psychiatry – Burlington, Vermont Ketamine Clinics

7 Kilburn St Suite 305 Burlington, VT 05401, USA
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At Hummingbird Psychiatry, patients looking to recover from debilitating mood disorders can do so using ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

The clinic’s main philosophy is that every person has both a desire and capacity to heal, and will heal given the right treatment option. The individualized approach given to each patient is meant to foster recovery because no two people will experience one condition in the same way.

The psychiatric clinic is led by Dr. Dustin Dippin, a board-certified psychiatrist, and neurologist. He strongly believes in the power of cutting-edge medicinal breakthroughs such as the ones being made currently surrounding the use of psychedelics for mental health disorders.

He and his team at Hummingbird Psychiatry incorporate traditional and alternative treatment methods along with uniquely tailored plans to help patients take control of their recovery.

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