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With over 2,000 infusions administered since opening in 2017, the Injection and Infusion Clinic of Albuquerque, New Mexico provides ketamine infusions for anyone suffering from chronic mood disorders and pain. The knowledgeable providers at the clinic offer treatments to those who have seen little positive outcome in treating such conditions as depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, migraines, and fatigue. Ketamine infusions at the Injection and Infusion Clinic are a safe and fast-acting alternative to conventional pain and mental health treatments. Combining ketamine with such treatments can achieve a better standard of living and freedom from the rigors of resistant and/or chronic conditions.

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A variety of infusion treatments are available at the Injection and Infusion Clinic. Ketamine was one of the first treatments offered by the clinic, whose primary infuser is Darlene Noyes, a Registered Nurse with a Master’s in Nursing Case Management. Along with the rest of the clinical team, Dr. Noyes hopes to provide relief and hope to those suffering from difficult-to-manage conditions.

Ketamine is a highly-respected anesthetic, considered by the World Health Organization to be an essential medication. Recent developments in the treatment of resistant conditions with low-dose ketamine strengthen this assessment.

Offered Treatments

  • IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy
  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Treated Conditions

  • Depression
  • Post-Partum Depression
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Chronic Pain
    • CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)
    • Post-Herpetic Neuralgia (Shingles)
    • Phantom Limb Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines

Important Info

  • Patients seeking treatment for chronic pain must provide a referral from their pain management team or CRPS specialist. Referrals may be required in other cases, but not always.
  • Those not interested in receiving Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy from the staff at the Injection and Infusion Clinic of ABQ can bring their own therapist to any session. The only additional fee is the cost of the private room which is $49.
  • The clinic works with MoodMonitor, a technology that serves as a central hub to track your progress, communicate in between appointments, and fine-tune your treatment plan.

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  • Free consultations are available.
  • The Injection and Infusion Clinic of ABQ offers two financing options through Advance Care Card and United Medical Credit. The clinic suggests new patients request a loan amount of approximately $3,200 for 40-minute infusions and $5,000 for 4-hour infusions.
  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy is $150 with the purchase of an infusion.

Getting Started

All patients must undergo a complete physical and mental health workup with the Injection and Infusion Clinic of ABQ’s Certified Nurse Practitioner. This exam determines if someone is a candidate for ketamine and assesses if they have any health conditions that make Ketamine unsafe. These conditions may include uncontrolled hypertension, increased intracranial pressure, heart failure, and any allergies to ketamine.

Who is this treatment for?

Those who have not been helped by conventional treatment strategies have another option with ketamine treatments at the Injection and Infusion Clinic of ABQ. Research in the last 7-10 years has shown that ketamine infusions are effective for those suffering from treatment-resistant mental health conditions and chronic pain conditions. Either as an alternative to or a supplement to mainstream treatments, ketamine infusions offer an alternative path to healing for those who have lost hope.

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