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The Ketamine Health Centers’ Altamonte location offers treatment support for those suffering from psychiatric disorders such as depression. Using ketamine therapy, the clinic hopes to accelerate the healing process for individuals that have found no relief from traditional treatment forms.

What People Like About Ketamine Health Centers – Altamonte Springs, Florida

In exploring Ketamine Health Centers in Altamonte Springs, we’ve observed several standout features that resonate well with those seeking mental health treatments.

  • Highly Qualified Staff: The centers boast highly skilled professionals committed to patient care.
  • Patients feel confident
  • Staff provides personalized attention
  • Innovative Treatments: Ketamine therapy offers a cutting-edge approach.
  • Gives hope to those with treatment-resistant conditions
  • Many see significant improvement
  • Comfortable Environment: The facilities prioritize a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Spaces are designed to ease anxiety
  • Comfort helps in the treatment process
  • Insurance and Payment Options: Understanding the financial aspect is crucial.
  • They guide patients through insurance processes
  • Offers clarity on deductibles and copays
  • Patient Experiences: Feedback from those treated is overwhelmingly positive.
  • Stories of life-changing impact circulate
  • It’s a beacon of hope for many

Understanding the dynamics of insurance, including in-network and out-of-network provisions, is crucial in healthcare. At these centers, staff assist in navigating the maze of insurance, ensuring patients understand their responsibilities regarding deductibles and copays. This transparency and support greatly enhance the overall experience, making mental health care more accessible to those who might otherwise hesitate due to financial concerns.

What People Don’t Like About Ketamine Health Centers – Altamonte Springs, Florida

While many patients have positive experiences at Ketamine Health Centers in Altamonte Springs, some concerns do arise. Addressing these allows us to understand areas for improvement and set realistic expectations for future patients.

  • In-Network Availability Can Be Limited:
  • Patients may find it challenging to use their insurance.
  • Few slots are available for insurance patients.
  • Checking in-network status is crucial.
  • Insurance Processes Can Be Complicated:
  • Deductibles and copays apply, adding financial pressure.
  • Out-of-network services mean direct payment to the center.
  • Reimbursement requires additional steps for the patient.
  • High Demand Leading to Longer Wait Times:
  • Appointment scheduling may take longer than expected.
  • High demand for services intensifies scheduling difficulties.
  • Early contact and flexibility in scheduling are recommended.

A Little About Ketamine Health Centers

Ketamine Health Centers in Altamonte combines scientifically proven relief of small-dose ketamine infusions with psychotherapy sessions. Patients can expect to feel a decrease in symptoms after the first treatment. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy aims to address habitual thought processes that could hinder recovery for optimal healing and lasting results.

Psychedelics treatment continues to gain popularity. Research even suggests that ketamine therapy helps with PTSD, pain and other issues. With such progress and reports, more people are choosing these alternative healing methods.

The team at Ketamine Health Centers’ Altamonte location is led by Medical Director Dr. Raul Cruz and Medical Director of Psychiatry Dr. Juan Oms. They work alongside a staff of psychiatrists, licensed mental health counselors, patient care coordinators, and CRNAs.

Ketamine Health Centers also has locations in Coral Gables and West Palm Beach.

What types of ketamine services do they offer?

  • IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy
  • Spravato (Esketamine)
  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

What conditions does Ketamine Health Centers Altamonte Springs treat?

  • Major Depression
  • Bipolar Depression
  • Severe Anxiety
  • Suicidal Ideations
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Fibromyalgia and Pain Syndromes
  • Autism

Important Info:

  • Any licensed mental health care professional or physician can provide a reference for treatment.
    • Note: Per Ketamine Health Centers, ketamine infusion therapy is not indicated for patients diagnosed with psychosis. If you have high blood pressure, cardiac, and/or pulmonary issues it may be necessary for your primary care physician to provide medical clearance before beginning your ketamine infusions.
  • Ketamine Health Centers sees patients as young as 13 years old. 
  • The clinic recommends patients continue working with their outpatient providers for medication management and/or psychotherapy. If you do not have a psychiatrist or therapist, Ketamine Health Centers can facilitate a referral.

Your Treatment: What to expect at Ketamine Health Centers Altamonte Springs


You’ll undergo an initial mental health screening using various questionnaires as well as a comprehensive assessment administered by a psychiatrist and a general medical assessment and pertinent physical exam administered by an anesthesiologist. As a precaution, a routine urine drug screen is also conducted to rule out those who are actively abusing illicit substances.

Once you’ve been cleared for treatment and your infusion sessions are booked, start planning. On the day of your session, you’ll need to avoid solid foods and/or milk for 6 hours prior to your ketamine infusion. You may drink clear liquids (i.e. water, fruit juices without pulp, carbonated beverages, clear tea, and black coffee) up until 2 hours before your infusion. Absolutely avoid alcohol or the use of any illicit drugs.

Intake Process

You will be taken into an exclusive infusion area. While a staff member prepares the IV, an anesthesiologist will conduct a pre-assessment and check your vital signs.

Intravenous (IV) Infusion Procedure

During the procedure, you will be laying in a comfortable lounge chair for the entire duration of the 45-minute infusion session. You will be attached to monitors and the anesthesia team will ensure that you are safe until the infusion is complete. After the procedure, you will stay in the recovery area for approximately 30 minutes for observation.

Every patient will be followed up psychiatrically after completing their infusion sessions.

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Ketamine Infusion Packages

  • Mental Health Infusions

    -Six Infusion Sessions

    -Two 30-Minute Therapy Sessions

    -History and Physical by Medical Team

    -One Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

    -Psychiatry Consult

    $ 4,000
  • Pain Infusions

    -Two 2-Hour Pain Infusion Sessions

    -History and Physical by Medical Team

    $ 2,000
  • Combination Pack

    *Treats both mental health conditions and pain*

    -Six 75-Minute Infusion Sessions

    -Two 30-Minute Therapy Sessions

    -History and Physical by Medical Team

    -One Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

    -Psychiatry Consult

    $ 5,500
  • Maintenance Pack

    *Treats mental health conditions*

    -7 Boosters During a 3 Month Timeframe

    -1 Booster a Week for the First Month

    -1 Booster Every 2 Weeks for the Second Month

    -1 Booster the Last Month

    $ 2,450


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