Conditions They Treat: Severe depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Chronic pain

HealingMaps Says: Klarisana has locations in Colorado, Texas, and aims to address mental health and pain problems in a comfortable, affordable, way. Klarisana works with insurance and medicare to get as much reimbursement as possible for patients.

Patient Testimonial: “I haven’t had the words to say how powerful of a therapy this is. The entire staff is amazing and truly wants the best for you and your mental health. They are always there for you before, during, and after your sessions and make you feel as comfortable as possible.” – Amanda, via Google

Facility Highlights: Comfortable chairs and big windows.

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Yes.

Are Female Practitioners Available? Yes. In fact, here are two review from Google: “The WOMEN!! at the Longmont clinic are absolutely phenomenal clinicians and humans.” And: “The ladies working at Klarisana Longmont are outstanding!”

Do they Accept Insurance? Klarisana offers both in-house payment plans and financing through healthcare finance direct, as it participates with a number of governmental and private insurance programs. The Colorado division specifically participates with Health First Colorado (Colorado Medicaid).

According to Klarisana, many patients have no out-of-pocket costs other than any required co-pays and deductibles that are required under their insurance policies. Additionally, per the clinic, patients typically receive higher reimbursement from many insurance companies if they submit for out-of-network claims than if the clinic is in-network.

Additional Info:

Klarisana was founded in 2015 in response to an “alarming Veteran suicide rate” in soldiers returning from intense combat situations. As well as making ketamine therapy more widely available to ailing Veterans, the Klarisana Westminster, CO clinic also provides help to any other individual struggling with treatment-resistant mental health conditions. The clinic, and team, were founded on the idea that each individual has a “unique mission” in life, and restoring the ability to pursue that mission is the primary goal of Klarisana Westminster. Trusted and in use for over 50 years in emergency and combat situations, ketamine now offers the hope of a revolutionary treatment for difficult to manage and chronic health conditions.

Klarisana founder Dr. Carl Bonnett is a twenty-year veteran of the Army National Guard, and was inspired to open the clinic after witnessing the toll suicide, and the lack of treatment, has taken on U.S. Military Veterans. The Klarisana Westminster clinic grew from the original Klarisana one-room office (“the smallest ketamine clinic in the world”) in 2015 to the beautiful campus that now provides a calm, safe, and private environment in which to explore a revolutionary treatment for difficult to manage conditions. As well as Veterans, Klarisana Westminster welcomes all those whose experiences with mainstream treatments have proven ineffective. Ketamine infusions provide a laboratory-tested, research-driven alternative to traditional medical practice.

Important Info

  • Patients under 18 will require a primary caregiver’s referral.
  • Klarisana will work with you and your insurance provider to cover as much of the treatment as possible.
  • For further information, including possible contraindications to ketamine therapy, please contact the clinic.

Your Treatment: What to Expect

If ketamine infusions at Klarisana are deemed appropriate, the 1-2 hour infusion sessions are monitored by one of the expert nurse practitioners or physician assistants at the clinic. Some patients report mild side effects, and although ketamine “elicits changes in perception of sights, sounds, time, and space,” this is a normal part of the process. Should the side effects become distracting, staff are on hand to assist each patient.

Who is this treatment for?

Intravenous ketamine therapy is an option for those whose experience with traditional oral medications has been disappointing. Ketamine therapy functions as either an alternative to mainstream practices, or as a supplement to ongoing therapy. Of the millions who suffer from mental health problems, thousands struggle against treatment resistant conditions – ketamine therapy offers a potentially life-changing solution.

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