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ModWell Detox & Recovery – Calgary, AB, Canada Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

ModWell Detox & Recovery brings together “a diverse group of compassionate industry professionals”. The Calgary, Alberta, clinic offers ibogaine treatments as part of their therapy program. Ibogaine is derived from Iboga. Iboga is a traditional healing medicine of the Bwiti of Gabon and Cameroon. For the last half-century or so doctors have been fascinated by Ibogaine’s ability to reroute neural pathways and help to quell the pain and suffering associated with addiction.

Many of the staff at ModWell Detox “have had first-hand experience dealing with addiction.” Some have struggled with the disease themselves. Some have seen the devastating effects it can have on loved ones first hand. All of the staff bring compassion and understanding to each patient who comes to their clinic.

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