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Philip E Wolfson MD Therapy Overview

Conditions He Treats: Essentially any issue you want to explore that falls within ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Anxiety, depression PTSD, Alcohol abuse disorder (AUD), addiction and so on.

HealingMaps Says: Dr. Wolfson is an icon in the psychedelic-assisted therapy industry. If you have the chance to become one of his patients, you take it. He takes a much more holistic approach — as opposed to most of the clinical IV models out there.

Costs: $400 for the evaluation. $1,250 per session — but these sessions include a therapist and last around three hours (as opposed to the 45-mins from most clinics.

Positive Patient/Testimonial: “I was suffering from a long-term depression, and conventional therapy and my mindfulness practice were not effective anymore. I was resistant to get on a daily dose of anti-depressants. I felt that Ketamine assisted therapy would be a better fit for me. Thankfully, I met with Dr. Wolfson and his treatment saved my life. I was put at ease by his explanations and compassionate understanding of where I was at mentally. So grateful to be my old self again. I already sent 2 other close friends to him, and I can’t recommend him enough.” – Leonardo via Sharecare

Facility Highlights/Vibe: Exactly what you’d expect for a psychotherapist tucked away in beautiful San Anselmo, California. Warm, inviting, cozy and spiritual vibes.

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Yes. He basically wrote the book.

Are Female Practitioners Available? Yes.

Do They Accept Insurance? No.

Additional Info:

Philip E Wolfson MD provides ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to people battling mood disorders. Mood disorders are often-treatment resistant and traditional therapy isn’t always enough to promote healing. That is why doctors such as Dr. Wolfson have implemented cutting-edge and science-backed breakthrough options such as ketamine into their practice.

Dr. Wolfson has been practicing psychotherapy and psychiatry for close to six decades. His extensive experience in the field has given him the skills needed to know what works, what doesn’t, and how new treatments can be used alongside traditional therapies. Patients attending therapy at Philip E Wolfson MD can expect ketamine-assisted psychotherapy that is both safe and effective.

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