Conditions They Treat: Depression, suicidality, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, more.

HealingMaps Says: Co-founder Dr. Dana Lerman, MD (pronounced DAN-uh, not DANE-uh), is passionate about ketamine. For one: she sells hats that say KETAMINE in big letters. Beyond that, from hearing her speak, we know she believes deeply in the possibilities of a life seen from a new angle. Skylight is more committed than most to ensuring clients have wraparound care from a therapist.

Extending from that, Skylight Psychedelics is licensed to prescribe ketamine to patients in all 50 states–but only to patients who will use the ketamine with a properly-trained therapist.

Costs: In person ketamine, in the Skylight offices:

$200 intake

$500 per session

At home ketamine, to be used with a properly trained therapist:

Two doses: $289

Six doses: $599

Ten doses: $679

Patient Review/ Testimonial: “Wonderful and welcoming space to start your healing journey.” David via Google

Facility Highlights: Simple, comfy-looking office in beautiful, serene, nature-surrounded Evergreen.

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Definitely. They’re all about KAP, and critical of the “sterile clinical settings” where ketamine is often given.

Are Female Practitioners Available? Yes. A woman co-founded Skylight.

Do they Accept Insurance? No.

Additional Info: 

Skylight has two offices, one in Evergreen and one in Tenafly, New Jersey. They also train health professionals in ketamine and psilocybin-assisted therapy for an affordable price.

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