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Amanda has written for The New York Times, Vice and The Dales Report, and is also a contributing writer for Forbes and Leafly. She is also the founder of Inside the Jar, an independent publication focusing on counter culture in the United States and Canada.

Amanda's Posts

Psilocybin For Creativity: How A Hero’s Dose Helped Overcome Writer’s Block For My Latest Book

Does using psilocybin for creativity work? Here's how one author claims it helped her with writer's block.

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Is LSD Legal – Everything You Need To Know

Is LSD legal in the U.S. or other countries? This guide explains the psychedelic's complex legal history.

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What Is LSD (Acid) – Effects, Chemical Structure & More

What is LSD, and how does it impact people? This guide answers common questions about the psychedelic.

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Psychedelics For Eating Disorders: An Interview With Psychiatrist And Researcher Dr. Reid Robison

Research suggests using psychedelics for eating disorders could be effective. Dr. Reid Robison explains why.

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Mio’s Story: How Psilocybin Therapy For End-Of-Life Anxiety Helps To Treat The Whole Person

Mio Yokoi recounts her experience using psilocybin therapy for anxiety through Canada's Special Access Program (SAP).

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A Cancer Patient Just Received Legal Psilocybin Therapy At A Toronto Clinic—Accessing It Wasn’t Easy

Canada's Special Access Program (SAP) helped a cancer patient receive legal psilocybin therapy for the first time ever.

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Does LSD Have Nootropic Properties? New Three-Part Study Says Yes

A nootropic drug is one that may enhance brain performance. And a new study suggests LSD may be classified in

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Why Aaron Rodgers’ Ayahuasca Admission Is Significant, And What We Can Learn From It

Aaron Rodgers' ayahuasca experience is big for the sports world. It also opens up important conversations about psychedelic edeucation.

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