Natan Ponieman is a writer, journalist and filmmaker covering psychedelics as they intersect with finance, culture, science, politics and spirituality. He's a Forbes Contributor and serves as Head of Psychedelics Content at Benzinga. His work has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, MSN Money, Leafly News, High Times and many others.

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Interested in the Ketamine Industry? We’ve Created the First Newsletter For You

Introducing Ketamine Insights Weekly, a new newsletter created specifically for the ketamine clinic and therapy industry.

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What Is A K-Hole? What it Feels Like and How You Can Get There

What is a k-hole? This guide explains the possible “ego-dissolution” that comes from ketamine.

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Klee Irwin And His Plan To Bring Psychedelic Therapy To The Masses

Businessman Klee Irwin explains his plan to “bring psychedelics therapy to the masses.”

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Psychedelics in Therapy – The Next Generation of Treatment

Can the use of psychedelics in therapy settings change mental health as we know it?

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San Pedro Cactus (Echinopsis Pachanoi) – Uses, Legality And More

The San Pedro cactus has a rich history, and this helps explain the hallucinogenic plant.

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What Is Bicycle Day – The World’s Biggest Psychedelic Holiday?

Bicycle Day has become a celebrated holiday each year for psychedelic enthusiasts.

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Legal Psychedelics In U.S. 2024: Decriminalized LSD, Psilocybin & More

Some U.S. cities have passed legislation for legal psychedelics to be decriminalized. Here's what to know.

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