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Absolute Rehabilitation Scottsdale provides ketamine infusion services to help ease the symptoms of chronic pain. People with various chronic pain conditions can find relief through the use of ketamine in as many as 75 percent of cases. Conditions treated using ketamine include complex regional pain syndrome, migraines, fibromyalgia, and more.

What People Like About Absolute Rehabilitation – Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Dedicated Team Effort: Patients praise the teamwork at Absolute Rehabilitation. The staff’s dedication ensures effective recovery.
  • Strong Partnership Model: The collaboration between Honor Health and Select Medical enhances the facility’s operational efficiency. This model provides a unique approach to healthcare services.
  • Positive Hospital Culture: Visitors and patients note the friendly, positive atmosphere. It makes the rehabilitation process more comfortable.
  • Exceptional Patient Care: The quality of care is consistently highlighted. Patients feel prioritized and well-treated throughout their stay.
  • Hardworking Staff: Employees are noted for their hard work and dedication. This commitment directly impacts patient satisfaction.
  • Friendly Employee Relationships: A warm, friendly rapport amongst employees creates a welcoming environment for everyone.
  • High Activity Levels: The facility is always bustling, indicative of a vibrant, engaging environment for rehabilitation.
  • Management’s Openness: Patients appreciate the accessibility of management staff, including those who serve in a higher administrative capacity.
  • Persistently Busy: The constant activity is seen as a testament to the center’s dedication to meeting patient needs efficiently.
  • Personalized Patient Attention: Even with high activity, staff manage to offer personalized care to each patient.
  • Challenges Turned Opportunities: Despite noted challenges such as staff turnover, the facility leverages these for continuous improvement and maintaining care quality.

Each of these components reflects the foundational elements that make Absolute Rehabilitation in Scottsdale, Arizona, stand out. Through dedication, a positive culture, and unwavering patient care, the facility earns its reputation within the community.

What People Don’t Like About Absolute Rehabilitation – Scottsdale, Arizona

Despite the positives, some areas at Absolute Rehabilitation in Scottsdale, Arizona, have room for improvement. Our comprehensive review identifies several critical concerns based on user feedback and observations:

  • Lack of Equipment Sanitization
  • Patients report equipment like bikes and balls not being disinfected between uses.
  • Raises concerns about hygiene and safety standards.
  • Poor Meal Quality
  • Meals sometimes arrive poorly prepared.
  • Instances of smashed and warm snacks highlight the need for better food services.
  • Delayed and Inadequate Staff Responses
  • Reports of long waits for assistance, including one case of waiting an hour for help with basic needs.
  • Cases where staff turned off call lights without addressing the patient’s needs.
  • Loss and Mismanagement of Personal Items
  • Complaints about lost laundry, with patients wearing the same clothes for days.
  • Points to issues with the facility’s handling of personal belongings.
  • Communication Barriers
  • Some staff, including management, have difficulty with effective communication.
  • Language barriers and rushed interactions compromise patient care.
  • Smell of Urine
  • Areas of the facility reportedly smell like urine, questioning cleanliness.

A Little About Absolute Rehabilitation

In many cases, traditional medicine does not help people with chronic pain and that is why Absolute Rehabilitation Scottsdale combines both traditional and alternative medicine. Their main goal is to take the best of both medical worlds to create treatment plans that really work for their patients. Using ketamine alongside other forms of therapy at their practice can help chronic pain sufferers see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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