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Located in Boerne, TX, the Advanced Pain Relief Institute provides ketamine therapy to those suffering from a wide variety of chronic pain conditions. The goal of the institute and its staff is to “put you back in the driver’s seat of life” by helping patients to manage, or eliminate, their pain. Ketamine has a long history of use as an anesthetic, and is identified by the World Health Organization as a primary medicine in emergency anesthetic use. Recent research shows that sub-anesthetic doses of ketamine, or ketamine infusion therapy, can have a remarkable healing effect on a wide range of mental and physical health conditions.

Known to his patients as “Dr. A,” the Advanced Pain Relief Institute is led by Dr. Ricardo Alvarado. Trained as both a surgeon and an anesthesiologist, Dr. Alvarado is also a bilingual English and Spanish speaker, which helps to ensure that his patients understand the treatment procedure before beginning therapy. Acknowledging that in some cases, pain must be managed when it can’t be eliminated, the staff at Advanced Pain Relief Institute hope to be able to offer patients tools and treatments that will help them to regain a sense of control over their lives.

Offered Treatments

  • IV Ketamine Infusion

Treated Conditions

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Please contact the clinic for a more thorough list of treated conditions.

Important Info

  • Please contact the clinic for information about payment, insurance, and possible medications or conditions that are contraindicative to ketamine.

Your Treatment: What to Expect

If ketamine is deemed a suitable treatment, infusions can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the condition being treated. Some patients report feelings of dissociation, or hallucinations, as ketamine is considered a psychedelic medication. An Advanced Pain Relief Institute team member will be on hand, monitoring any side effects and helping to manage them with further medication should they become unpleasant or distracting.

Who is this treatment for?

Millions of Americans suffer from depressive episodes every year, and millions live every day with pain. For those who have had little or no positive benefit from traditional medications or therapies, the Advanced Pain Relief Institute offers ketamine therapy, a cutting-edge and research-driven breakthrough in psychiatric medicine. Either as an alternative or a supplement to mainstream treatments, APRI ketamine treatments can bring relief from the burden of chronic illness.

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