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The staff at the Boise Ketamine Clinic hopes to change lives through the use of ketamine therapy. Treatment is often for those suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic pain and bipolar disorder, to name a few. Owner Nykol Rice is a Board Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. She uses her passion for education to help explain the benefits ketamine has as a viable alternative treatment.

Rice and the staff at Boise Ketamine Clinic put patient care first, priding themselves on helping long-time sufferers find relief. The clinic also offers the use of the Osmind app, helping patients connect throughout the course of treatment.

Have questions about what psychedelic therapy is? With years of experience, this clinic provides answers and guidance. Making the right choice when it comes to ketamine assistance is important, so understand the process before making a final decision.

What types of ketamine services does Boise Ketamine Clinic offer?

– Ketamine infusion therapy

What conditions does Boise Ketamine Clinic treat?

  • Depression
    • Including post-partum depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
    • Including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome
  • Bipolar Disorder

Important Info:

  • Boise Ketamine Clinic accepts cash, credit, or debit card. Per the clinic, they are under no obligation to pursue insurance coverage on your behalf and charge a $100 fee for any missed appointments. They will not accept personal checks. They reserve the right to refuse service based on our clinical impression.

Getting Started

A referral from your therapist, counselor, chronic pain, psychiatric or medical doctor is necessary and you will be required to maintain ongoing regular contact with them throughout your course of treatment. Self-referral will be considered with approval by a documented medical diagnosis.

Who is Ketamine Treatment for?

Ketamine has a bit of stigma and baggage given its history. While you may think of it as a “party drug” from the 1990s, there is a growing amount of research that says it has some positive potential. The more research our major institutions conduct, the less stigma there will be around these drugs. And if they can help people with drug-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc, then why wouldn’t we put these to use in proper, clinical settings?

Is Ketamine Legal?

This is primarily due to its stigma as a party drug. The truth is yes, ketamine is legal. In fact, it is only a Schedule III drug by the DEA. This puts it on the same level as Tylenol and codeine. So don’t let the baggage of this drug stop you from learning more about it. As always, ask your doctor if ketamine therapy is right for you.

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