Boston MindCare – Lexington, Massachusetts Ketamine Clinics

271 Lincoln Street Suite 5 Lexington, MA 02421
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Boston MindCare offers ketamine therapy treatments to help those suffering from various mood disorders and chronic pain. Conditions the clinic treats includes depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, obsessive-compulsive disorder, complex regional pain syndrome, and bipolar disorder.

Unlike some of the other best ketamine therapy clinics available, Boston MindCare provides ketamine treatments in various forms. Patients can choose from oral ketamine, intravenous ketamine, intramuscular ketamine, and nasal ketamine options. The clinic offers direct care from their team of highly-skilled anesthesiologists, and uphold the highest standards when it comes to patient safety and comfort.

Wondering what ketamine therapy is? The professionals at BMC can help provide answers, while developing a specific plan to meet your wellness goals.


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