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The Central States Pain Clinic offers a wide range of treatment options for those suffering from chronic pain disorders and behavioral health issues. The staff pride themselves on offering an innovative and personal level of care, helping patients find relief for a wide variety of debilitating symptoms.

Collaborating with other health care providers, the professionals at Central States Pain Clinic find a well-rounded approach towards recovery. Treatment plans are for individual needs and may include a plethora of different healing techniques. This only helps the progression of the recovery process.

Since psychedelics treatment is becoming more common, it’s important to understand the pros and cons. Additionally, make sure to know the side effects associated with medical psychedelics before diving in. However, with growing popularity and testimonials, the alternative procedure may be the strongest option available.

What conditions does Central States Pain Clinic treat?

  • Various pain conditions
    • Including back pain, neck pain, extremity pain, and headaches

Is Ketamine Legal?

This is primarily due to its stigma as a party drug. The truth is yes, ketamine is legal. In fact, it is only a Schedule III drug by the DEA. This puts it on the same level as Tylenol and codeine. So don’t let the baggage of this drug stop you from learning more about it. As always, ask your doctor if ketamine therapy is right for you.

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