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People suffering from treatment-resistant depression can find relief from their symptoms at Depression MD. The mental health clinic utilizes ketamine therapy alongside other forms of mental health treatments to create unique and tailored healing plans for their patients. Depression is clinically proven to be reduced in as many as 75 percent of people who try ketamine after first going through traditional healing routes.

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What People Like About Depression MD – Milford, Connecticut

In Milford, Connecticut, seeking support for depression involves finding a doctor who not only provides expert care but also cultivates a supportive environment. Our research into local opinions and testimonials highlighted the key aspects that people appreciate. Here’s what stands out:

  • Welcoming Office Atmosphere
  • Staff are friendly and helpful.
  • The environment is professional yet comforting.
  • Doctor’s Approach and Expertise
  • Dr. Saunders is approachable and answers all questions.
  • He suggests referrals if needed, showcasing his commitment to patient care.
  • His vast experience builds trust and reliability among patients.
  • Displays a great bedside manner and is thorough in examinations.
  • Patient-Centric Care
  • The focus on individual needs is evident.
  • Visits are timely, making it clear that patients’ time is valued.
  • Questions are encouraged, ensuring patients feel heard and understood.
  • Many note feeling better post-visit.
  • The doctor’s listening skills lead to effective problem-solving.
  • Long-term patients testify to sustained satisfaction with care.

We’ve also delved into how psychiatrists in Milford, including Dr. Saunders and his team, are versed in various treatment modalities. They prioritize chemical and biological factors for diagnosis and treatment, reflecting a high standard of medical care. The collaborative approach with other mental health professionals further underlines the comprehensive support patients can expect.

These insights form a solid foundation for those navigating their options in Milford, illustrating why the Depression MD here receives high marks from the community.

What People Don’t Like About Depression MD – Milford, Connecticut

While many patients find satisfaction in the care they receive at Depression MD in Milford, Connecticut, it’s crucial to acknowledge areas where some feel improvements are needed. Our insights show that patient experiences can vary, and here are the primary concerns highlighted:

  • Medication list updates: A common concern is the failure to update medication lists. This lack of attention can lead to confusion and undermine treatment effectiveness.
  • Medication lists don’t get updated.
  • This oversight can impact patient care.
  • Session durations: Patients have noted that the consultations, primarily focused on medication management, might feel rushed due to their brief nature.
  • Most sessions are 15-20 minutes.
  • Focus is largely on medication management.
  • Access to psychotherapy: There’s a significant emphasis on medication over psychotherapy, limiting those who might benefit more from talk therapy.
  • Psychotherapy isn’t typically utilized after the first session.
  • Psychiatrists may refer out for talk therapy, adding a step for patients.

In navigating these challenges, it’s clear that while Depression MD in Milford has strengths, the feedback points toward areas for potential improvement. Addressing these concerns could enhance the overall patient experience, ensuring that both their emotional and medicinal needs are met efficiently. By focusing on these areas, we hope to see an evolution in patient care that aligns with the diverse needs of those seeking support for depression.

A Little About Depression MD

Depression MD is comprised of a highly-experienced mental healthcare staff that takes pride in offering patients a brighter future. They understand how debilitating depression can be. With that type of compassion, they are completely dedicated to each patient’s healing journey.

By utilizing ketamine to help people with depression, the team at the clinic can help people regain control over their mental health once and for all.

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