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19109 36th Ave West Suite # 209 Lynnwood WA, 98036
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People suffering from the symptoms of treatment-resistant mood disorders can find relief at Entheos Emotional Wellness. The wellness clinic provides ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to people battling disorders such as depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and more. By offering cutting-edge therapy alongside tried and true psychotherapy services, the clinic can provide patients with a higher chance for truly healing from their afflictions. 

Entheos Emotional Wellness is led by Dr. Nathan Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt is a psychiatric nurse that truly believes in the power of psychedelic therapy such as ketamine. He and his partner Simone Hall provide the best in care to each and every patient by offering breakthrough options in a compassionate environment.

Ketamine therapy for mental health disorders is relatively new, but the research surrounding the modality proves that when something isn’t working, you should never lose hope.

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