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Clearwater, FL’s Florida Spine Institute is a leading pain management clinic in the Tampa Bay area. The clinic treats over 100 conditions related to chronic pain, and, along with a host of innovative procedures, offers ketamine therapy as a non-invasive treatment for some. Ketamine is a highly effective anesthetic, in use since the 1970s, and in sub-anesthetic doses it allows overworked pain centers in the brain to “reboot.” The Florida Spine Institute provides this service for those whose attempts to overcome their pain through conventional treatments has proven disappointing. Pain impacts every aspect of daily life – the FSI team stands ready to help you get your life back.

What People Like About Florida Spine Institute – Clearwater, Florida

When looking into why people choose the Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater, Florida, several key factors repeatedly come to light. First and foremost, the dedication and expertise of the medical staff, including professionals with extensive training in diverse areas of spine care, are highly regarded. For instance, our multidisciplinary approach combines knowledge from various subspecialties, ensuring comprehensive care for a wide range of spine-related ailments.

Another significant aspect patients appreciate is the institute’s commitment to providing all-encompassing care under one roof. With services ranging from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, we strive to streamline the healthcare journey, making it more convenient for our patients. This approach not only saves time but also facilitates better communication among healthcare providers, leading to coordinated and more effective treatment plans.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology play a crucial role in the high satisfaction rates. Advanced diagnostic and treatment tools enable us to offer cutting-edge care, which is a strong draw for patients seeking the best outcomes. The availability of advanced treatments, including minimally invasive surgeries, furthers our ability to tailor care to individual needs, promoting faster recovery with less discomfort.

Patients also appreciate the warm, compassionate care they receive from our team. The respectful and understanding nature of our staff fosters a supportive environment where patients feel valued and heard. This emotional support is an essential component of the healing process, and we take pride in the positive feedback we receive about our patient-centered approach.

Accessibility and convenience are other factors that contribute to the positive experiences of our patients. With multiple locations across the Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater, Tampa, Sun City, St. Petersburg, and Bradenton, we ensure that quality spine care is within reach for a broader audience. Moreover, our flexible hours accommodate various schedules, further emphasizing our commitment to patient-centric care.

By focusing on these aspects, the Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater, Florida, continues to be a favorite among patients seeking relief and recovery from spine-related issues.

What People Don’t Like About Florida Spine Institute – Clearwater, Florida

Choosing the right spine care provider is crucial for our health and well-being. We’ve seen how the Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater stands out for its exceptional medical staff, comprehensive care, and state-of-the-art facilities. Their dedication to providing a seamless experience from diagnosis through rehabilitation, coupled with their compassionate approach, makes them a beacon of hope for those suffering from spine-related issues. With their convenient locations and flexible scheduling, they’ve shown a commitment to patient-centric care that’s hard to find elsewhere. For anyone in need of spine care, the Florida Spine Institute represents a blend of expertise, technology, and compassion, making it a premier choice in the Tampa Bay area.

Having delivered over 7000 ketamine infusions, the Florida Spine Institute’s Dr. Ashraf Hanna brings a proven track record and award-winning scholarship to the clinic. Dr. Hanna’s pain management research and treatments run the gamut from spinal implants to infusion therapies. His 15 years of experience complements the elite team of surgeons at the clinic, who operate under the mantra “Excellence with Compassion.” Should traditional treatments, or less-specialized doctors, have made little difference in one’s pain management, the Florida Spine Institute offers innovative and alternative routes to healing.

Offered Treatments

  • IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Treated Conditions

  • Chronic Pain
  • Fibromyalgia

Important Info

  • Ketamine infusion is an “off-label” application of the medication. Check with your insurance provider about coverage.
  • The time period for pain relief, as with many medical procedures, cannot be foreseen nor guaranteed.
  • Please contact the clinic for information on possible contraindications and conditions that may preclude ketamine therapy.

Your Treatment: What to Expect

Once ketamine therapy is determined to be applicable to your condition, infusions take place at the Florida Spine Institute clinic. Intravenous infusion of the ketamine, along with any other medications deemed necessary in the treatment plan, takes place over the course of a few hours. As ketamine is a psychedelic drug, some patients may experience hallucinations, though side effects can be managed, or completely eliminated, during the infusion process. Patients will likely feel sleepy for a few hours afterward and should be accompanied home by a reliable adult.

Who is this treatment for?

Ketamine therapy at the Florida Spine Institute is for those whose experience with mainstream treatments has proven disappointing. The experts at the clinic assess the nature and severity of your condition and craft an individual treatment plan designed to offer “lasting relief that can be measured in weeks or months.” Many chronic pain conditions have been treated with opioids, a highly addictive medication. Ketamine offers a much safer alternative.

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