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Ketamine Colorado Springs provides ketamine infusion therapy for those suffering from mental health conditions like depression and PTSD. Dr. Jeff Gainok and his wife Dr. Jana Gainok founded the clinic to provide specialized treatment to active duty family members and veterans. Though Ketamine Colorado Springs is not limited to treating those who have served, the clinic continuously prioritizes giving back to this community. All four doctors are Veterans, including Dr. Jeff Gainok, who over his 22-year career in the military, completed countless hours of patient care in both hospital and combat settings.

As part of Ketamine Colorado Springs’ goal to provide patients with comprehensive treatment options, the clinic works with the therapists and providers at Family Care Center, one of the largest outpatient mental health practices in Colorado Springs. The medical professionals at Ketamine Colorado Springs also partner with a number of additional organizations, such as Colorado Veterans. The clinic is a member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, too.

What types of ketamine services does Ketamine Colorado Springs offer?

  • Ketamine infusion therapy

What conditions do they treat?

  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Chronic pain

What to Expect at Ketamine Colorado Springs


  • You can contact the clinic by phone to speak to a Care Coordinator or fill out this form and the clinic will contact you within two (2) business days. Consultations are free.
  • Once your first infusion has been scheduled, make a plan to bring someone with you on the day of your appointment. They do not have to be present for the infusion but they must drive you home.
  • Do not eat four (4) hours prior to your infusion appointment or have anything to drink two (2) hours prior.

The Process

  • The ketamine will be administered in a very precise way, with the IV drip rate set very precisely and fine-tuned throughout the procedure so that the optimal rate is maintained.
  • Mood Disorder Patients
    • For mood disorder patients, ketamine is administered over a period of 40-60 minutes. The amount given will not cause you to lose consciousness.
    • For pain patients, ketamine is administered over a period of 4 hours. The amount given is significant and can increase side effects like dissociation.
    • During the infusion, most patients have a mild dissociative experience, with increased sensitivity to light and sound and an altered perception of time and color. Most patients tolerate these experiences without discomfort and many people find them to be pleasant.
    • In the rare case any side effects are considered unpleasant, other rapid-acting medications can be used to relieve or eliminate this discomfort.
    • Once the infusion is complete, the dissociative effects of the drug rapidly dissipate and are often mostly gone within 20-30 minutes. There are no delayed “flashbacks” and patients generally leave the clinic within 30 minutes following the infusion. And aside from mild fatigue, patients feel much like themselves.
  • Pain Patients
    • For pain patients, ketamine is administered over a period of 4 hours.
    • The amount given is significant and can increase side effects like dissociation. A number of adjuvants can be used to decrease or eliminate the negative side effects that are associated with higher doses of ketamine.
    • Patients generally take 60-90 minutes of rest following the infusion before they feel comfortable leaving the clinic. As is the case with people being treated for mood disorders, there are no delayed “flashbacks” and aside from being tired or fatigued, most feel much like themselves.
    • The clinic requires pain patients to be picked up inside the clinic by a responsible adult.


  • For mood disorder patients, some will begin to feel better within 1 hour of their first infusion.
  • Patients with thoughts of self-harm or suicidal ideation often notice those thoughts and feelings dissipate first, and almost immediately. There is often a dramatic relief of dread and hopelessness.
  • Other patients may not notice any improvement in their mood until the day after their 2nd infusion. Some patients will require a third infusion before feeling significantly better.
  • It is important to note that the results of ketamine can be sudden and dramatic, but they are not always. It is more common for patients to see gradual, subtle improvement. Sometimes function improves before mood does.
  • For pain patients, it is uncommon to see substantial relief after 1-2 infusions. It is possible, and Ketamine Colorado Springs has had patients leave the clinic pain free after one infusion, but that is uncommon. Most of the time, pain patients need to complete the full series of five (5) or more infusions before they see substantial and lasting relief.
  • Infusions are often paired with an extensive aftercare plan at no additional cost. The clinic offers Nuedexta, the only NMDA antagonist, FDA approved, oral agent, to those who are approved, to significantly extend the extraordinary benefits patients get from IV Ketamine.
  • Some patients are more receptive to conventional oral anti-depressants after treatment and most are encouraged to be involved in talking therapy with a trusted, licensed, mental health professional. The clinic also works with patients on modifying their lifestyle choices to help maintain their good results.
  • For pain patients, the aforementioned treatment plan applies as well. Physical therapy, exercise, and stretching are also beneficial in some cases, depending on what the cause of the pain is.
  • Following the initial series of infusions, some patients begin an infusion maintenance program; returning for additional infusions as needed. In most cases, 1-2 boosters is all that is necessary to restore patients and significantly extend their results. The interval between maintenance infusions will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may have a booster once per month starting 3 months post-treatment while others have gone over a year before needing to come back.

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Ketamine Infusions

  • Mental Health Infusions
    $ 250.00
  • Pain Management Infusions
    $ 500.00


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