Ketamine Wellness Institute – Anchorage, Alaska Ketamine Clinics

4050 Lake Otis Parkway, Suite 208 Anchorage, AK 99508
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At the Ketamine Wellness Institute Anchorage, patients can find relief from their chronic disorders through the use of ketamine therapy. The clinic’s providers operate from a place of compassion and understanding and that is reflected in their treatment protocols with each and every patient. Conditions they treat at the clinic include depression, chronic pain, major anxiety, and more.

The wellness center was co-founded by Dr. Bilal Lateef and Dr. Muhammad Ashraf. Together, the two medical professionals use their combined experience in anesthesia, neurobiology, and psychology to create an environment that is based on healing and knowledge.

The Ketamine Wellness Institute Anchorage has the main goal of using ketamine to help those who have found no relief through traditional forms of treatment.

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