Conditions They Treat: Severe depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Chronic pain

HealingMaps Says: Klarisana has locations in Colorado, Texas, and aims to address mental health and pain problems in a comfortable, affordable, way. Klarisana works with insurance and medicare to get as much reimbursement as possible for patients.

Patient Testimonial: “Their mission is to rebuild lives and they certainly did that for me. Very lucky to receive treatment here. The medical and office staff are always super helpful with questions and concerns. The staff is full of really special and kind people who will help you get the most out of your sessions. They go above and beyond. Treatment rooms are comfy and relaxing. Also, they are always on time for appointments!” — Alexandria via Google.

Facility Highlights: Cameras in each room lets staff monitor patients constantly. The office’s rooms have TVs where patients may watch videos of nature scenes, aquatic scapes, or they may bring in their own DVD or cast to one of Klarisana’s SmartTV’s.

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Yes.

Are Female Practitioners Available? Yes

Do they Accept Insurance? Klarisana offers both in-house payment plans and financing through healthcare finance direct, as it participates with a number of governmental and private insurance programs. The Colorado division specifically participates with Health First Colorado (Colorado Medicaid).

According to Klarisana, many patients have no out-of-pocket costs other than any required co-pays and deductibles that are required under their insurance policies. Additionally, per the clinic, patients typically receive higher reimbursement from many insurance companies if they submit for out-of-network claims than if the clinic is in-network.

Additional Info: One of a handful of Klarisana Ketamine Treatment clinics located around the U.S. is in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Carl J. Bonnett, MD founded Klarisana in 2015 out of frustration with the suicide rate among U.S. veterans. He also wanted to help veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, and chronic pain. As an emergency physician, Dr. Bonnett had extensive experience with ketamine in both emergency medicine and in forward-deployed military environments.

Exciting news: Colorado legalized Psilocybin therapy in 2022. Click here to get on the waiting list for the first state-approved psilocybin therapy in the United States now!

Today, Klarisana — a founding member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians — exists to serve all people regardless of their background or any other discriminating factor. Ketamine therapy is used to help patients who suffer from mental health issues such as PTSD and depression, as well as physical issues like chronic pain.

Meet the Denver team here.

What types of ketamine services does Klarisana Ketamine Treatment offer?

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Important Info:

  • Klarisana accepts insurance and works with out-of-network benefits so if they’re not in network with your carrier, but you have out of network benefits, Klarisana as a courtesy will file those claims so that you do not have to go through the trouble of filing for reimbursements.
  • Klarisana also offers both in-house payment plans and financing through Healthcare Finance Direct.
  • Klarisana does not manage medications nor do they prescribe for their patients.

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What to Expect at Klarisana Ketamine Treatment


Patients 18 years and older do not require a referral. Prospective patients will have a discussion with the Patient Care Coordinator. If you’re seeking treatment for a mental health condition, you’ll then be scheduled for a psychological screening by one of Klarisana’s Licensed Professional Counselors or Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Subsequently, patients will have an intake session either by phone or in-clinic with one of Klarisana’s Advanced Practice Providers.

The Process

At Klarisana, each patient receives their intramuscular ketamine treatment in a private room with live stream video observation by Klarisana staff, typically a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Each patient’s vitals are monitored at regular intervals, too. Most ketamine sessions last about one hour.

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  • New Patient Intake

    *This fee is credited back at the completion of the 6th appointment.

    $ 100.00
  • Single Intramuscular Ketamine Session
    $ 399 Each
  • New Patient Induction Series Of 6 Prepaid Ketamine Sessions
    $ 2,154


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  • Adrienne Myles
    October 22, 2022 at 2:08 pm

    I am interested in finding out more about treatment for ptsd, depression, ocd and anxiety. I am a clairvoyant and psychic by trade with quite a fruitful business. My only concern is by doing these treatments will it block my ability? I had a concussion as a child and near death experience and I am not sure if this caused my psychic ability,but probably did. Thank you

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