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Ronda, Spain
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People looking to improve their overall well-being and experience the magic of psilocybin can do so at a retreat with Mycosomatic Magic. The retreats focus on one-on-one psilocybin experiences that are legal and unique to the individual. Their goal is to provide a heart and mind-opening experience that can change a person’s perspective on life and positively change a person’s current state of mind.

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Mycosomatic Magic is a non-profit organization that aims to bridge the gap between accessible essential goods and services seen in many areas of the world. To prepare for the best experience possible, the founding director Siddiq Khan utilizes both the latest clinical research surrounding the use of psilocybin as well as long-standing Indigenous traditions.

By combining both aspects of healthcare, Khan has managed to create a safe, affordable, and effective psilocybin experience.

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