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Breda, Netherlands
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Psilomorphosis offers private, couples and group supported psilocybin truffle healing journeys. The team at Psilomorphosis are highly experienced therapeutic coaches, IFS practitioners and retreat facilitators. They work with clients who experience depression, anxiety, addiction, cluster headaches as well as clients who are feeling disconnected from their purpose in life. The main focus of all their work is to create safe spaces where healing can occur.

Exciting news: Oregon is legalizing Psilocybin therapy in early 2023. Click here to get on the waiting list for the first state-approved psilocybin therapy in the United States now!

All packages include two preparation sessions and two integration sessions of 90 minutes each. The preparation and integration sessions take place in-person and online. An additional seven session integration package can be added if needed. The psilocybin journeys are conducted at a location of your choosing. We work together with our clients to find a location that is best suited to the needs of the client. The private and couples sessions are always offered by a male/female team and the group retreats have a ratio of maximum 3 participants to one facilitator.

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