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People living with treatment-resistant chronic pain and mood disorders can find relief from their symptoms at the Nashville Ketamine Center. The medical center provides ketamine infusion therapy services to help people regain control of their health and get their lives back.

Nashville Ketamine Center aims to treat its patients in a way that provides lasting relief. The highly-trained and compassionate staff at the clinic are led by Dr. Daniel Barton. Dr. Barton is a Harvard-trained certified psychiatrist that comes from a long line of mental healthcare providers.

Barton’s true passion is helping people heal from their mental health ailments. By addressing treatment-resistant disorders with IV infusion ketamine treatments, Dr. Barton and his staff can help people overcome the symptoms of their debilitating conditions.

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  • Karen D. Smith
    April 7, 2023 at 11:48 pm

    I want to say how amazed I am in the difference of my son after his 6 treatments of ketamine. My son has suffered from depression and addictions for a vast majority of his life. I have prayed that somehow God could heal him . I believe Nashville Ketamine under the direction of Dr. Daniel Barton was the miracle, our family had prayed for. Even after the first treatment, I noticed an amazing change in his disposition, and his entire outlook was much sunnier. If your sitting on the fence wondering if this treatment is worth the money, trust that it will be the best money you ever spent and it will change your life for the good. Thanks again, Dr. Daniel Barton and staff, for restoring the son I thought I had lost forever. May God bless you for helping so many !

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  • Kristine E Demonbreun
    January 3, 2023 at 4:04 pm

    0 do you accept Medicaid well TennCare

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