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1844 Pearl Street Boulder, Colorado 80302
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Conditions They Treat: Trauma and depression.

HealingMaps Says: Pierre is a deeply human person. He’s one of the few therapists we’ve seen mention “sense of humor” as one of his core competencies. Plus he’s all about martial arts, meditation, and other cool stuff. His dad died unexpectedly in this teens; as a result, lists “conscious masculinity” as one of his interests.

Costs: Not listed.

Patient Review/ Testimonial: “A million/ 5 stars. Pierre’s work truly embodies the art of psychotherapy.” Jennifer, via Google reviews

Facility Highlights: Bright windows, lots of plants, stylish bookshelves.

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Yes.

Are Female Practitioners Available? Yes.

Do they Accept Insurance? No.

Additional Info: 

Pierre Bouchard Counseling and Psychotherapy provides ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to patients looking to overcome treatment-resistant mental health disorders. The clinic prides itself on using cutting-edge treatments that are backed by clinical evidence. Ketamine therapy has been shown to improve symptoms in people with various mental health disorders where traditional forms of treatment have failed.

Pierre Bouchard Counseling and Psychotherapy is led by Dr. Pierre Bouchard. His main goal is to help his patients regain control of their health so they can live free and passionate lives. His background in neurobiology and trauma theory combined with his experience in psychedelic psychotherapy is what makes him and his practice stand out amongst other therapy options.

Dr. Bouchard’s work is “grounded in a sense of humor, humility, and curiosity for the profundity and oddness of existence.” By working with ketamine, Dr. Bouchard can help people get their lives back.

What clients say:

“I’ve never trusted someone with my life and well-being as much as I do with Pierre. Healing is messy and terrifying, yet beautiful and transformative, and Pierre always makes you feel safe and grounded.” — Sam Bruce, via Google Reviews

“A million/5 stars. Skillfully interweaves his expertise and extensive knowledge with intuition and and the art of attunement. I am forever grateful for his guidance and the person I am today because of it.” — Jennifer Taylor, via Google Reviews

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