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Polaris Insight Center in San Francisco, California uses a combination of ketamine and psychotherapy to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic pain, and more. This approach is also available for patients facing challenging life transitions, psycho-spiritual difficulties, and so on. The unique therapeutic experience is carried out by licensed psychologists and psychotherapists, who work in partnership with physicians who provide medical monitoring and supervision.

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The five doctors who founded Polaris Insight Center are all MAPS (Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) trained, having participated in various Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. In addition, the entire Polaris staff has decades of combined experience administering MDMA for mental health purposes.

Overall, Polaris Insight Center works to support people in furthering their personal and professional development and enhance their overall sense of wellbeing.

What types of ketamine services does Polaris Insight Center offer?

  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy
    • They administer ketamine in one of two ways:
      • Low to moderate dose ketamine lozenges
      • Low to higher dose intramuscular injections

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What conditions do they treat?

  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Trauma
  • Chronic pain syndromes
  • + more

Important Information

  • COVID-19 Precations
    • Polaris Insight Center is currently offering online Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy and integration services. Regular in-person services are available by a limited amount of clinicians with special precautions.
    • These interim services are being offered to both current and new patients.
    • Due to many being impacted financially by COVID-19, Polaris Insight Center is offering a limited number of sliding-scale fees.

What to Expect at Polaris Insight Center


  • Initial sessions will involve an evaluation of your current problems, concerns, needs, and overall health, as well as the suitability of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy for you.
  • By the end of the evaluation period, Polaris Insight Center will offer you its clinical impressions and a recommended approach to treatment.
  • Mutual collaboration is the goal of their therapy. These goals will be reviewed during the course of your work with the clinic in order to assess and/or modify the treatment according to your needs.

The Process

In-Person Visits

The treatment team will provide you individualized directions about food and medication intake.

  • Your therapist will be present for support and to guide you through any recommended relaxation exercises.
  • You will use an eye mask to facilitate and enhance the experience, and to help you maintain an internal focus. You will spend much of the session “going inside” or focusing on your internal experience. However, your therapist will check in with you periodically throughout your experience and may ask you questions from time to time.
  • You’ll remain consciously aware of where you are and responsive to your surroundings.
  • Your session will last approximately two hours.
  • As the effects of the medicine wear off, you will discuss your experience with your therapist. And then you may be asked to spend some time in the waiting area until your therapist feels it is safe for you to leave.
  • You can plan to spend three hours at the clinic on the day of treatment although this time may vary.

Online Sessions During COVID-19

Individual: Solo Session with Integration

Patients take the lozenge(s) on their own and then, in the latter part of the session, they connect with their provider, either through Zoom or phone or FaceTime, for processing and integration work. These higher-dose KAP sessions are 2 hours in duration.

Individual: Low-Dose Interpersonal Session

Patients take a smaller dose (half a lozenge or one full lozenge) and stay in an interactive process with the therapist the entire time over Zoom/Facetime/Phone. This session is 75 minutes in duration.

Group: KAP Group Therapy

Groups consist of 3-6 patients and meet online for 6 experiential lozenge sessions, along with a 60-minute preparation session and a 60-minute integration session. The group will run for approximately 1 month. Dr. Eric Sienknecht and a nurse practitioner will facilitate the group. And you will need to fill out a medical intake form to determine your eligibility.

Group: Online Booster Group

This is available for current and past patients of Polaris Insight Center who are in the maintenance phase of treatment.

See their complete list of services here.

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Services for New Patients

  • Treatment Intake Session

    A comprehensive 90-minute medical and psychological intake is required for all new patients prior to starting KAP treatment. The cost of the virtual intake is $350, while in-person intake is $450.

    $ 350.00
  • Integrative Psychiatry Online Sessions

    Initial Psychiatric Evaluation: 90 minutes for $425.

    Follow-up for medication management and integrative therapies: 30-45 minutes for $250.

    $ 425.00
  • Preparation Session

    All new patients are required to have a 50-minute preparation session before the first KAP session. Additional preparation sessions are provided as suggested for new. The fee for the virtual preparation session is $200, while in-person preparation sessions are $250.

    $ 200.00

Services for New & Existing Patients

  • Individual Integration Session

    For those who are seeking additional support around their KAP sessions, Polaris Insight Center providers offer 50-minute integration sessions to support the KAP process.

    $ 250.00
  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Online Session

    A Higher-dose KAP session is 2 hours in duration, with the fee for the virtual session being $600.

    A virtual 3-hour session is $900.

    An in-person 3-hour session is $950.

    $ 600.00
  • Solo Session with Integration
    $ 250.00
  • Low-dose Interpersonal Session
    $ 360.00
  • KAP Group Therapy
    $ 2,450
  • Online Booster Group

    The fee for the virtual booster group is $350, while the in-person booster group is $650.

    $ 350.00


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