SoulCentro Retreats – Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
SoulCentro Retreats in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica logo

Conditions They Treat: Addiction, trauma, general health and wellness

HealingMaps Says: SoulCentro Retreats provide a safe and serene place for people with addiction and trauma to heal their afflictions through the use of ibogaine. The retreats combine ibogaine alongside holistic healing, such as food as medicine, to create a well-rounded approach to healing that starts from within.

Patient/Testimonial: My visit to SoulCentro was an important moment in my life, the meaning of which is still unfolding for me. Chor, Elizabeth, and the whole team hold the space like family and with a nice balance of masculine and feminine energy. Also, the property vibrates with a connection to the jungle. Oh, and the food is delicious (and healthy!). I’m very grateful for my time here. – Benjamin Gadbaw, Google Reviews

Do They Offer Ibogaine-Assisted Psychotherapy? No.

Are Female Practitioners Available? Yes.

Do They Accept Insurance? No.

Additional Info: Situated near the Nicoya Peninsula, SoulCentro retreats offer a serene backdrop for those who wish to heal in the naturalistic beauty that is Costa Rica. Each area of the grounds offers a new connection with nature and oneself.


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