South Florida Ketamine Centers – South Miami, Florida Ketamine Clinics

7550 South Red Road,Suite 211 Miami, FL, 33143
South Florida Ketamine Centers in South Miami

Dr. Sajid Lopez is the resident psychiatrist at South Florida Ketamine Centers in South Miami, Florida. One of the best ketamine therapy clinics, unrivaled levels of personal care help patients overcome debilitating mental illness. The clinic’s process involves six ketamine infusions administered intravenously over the course of two weeks. This treatment plan leads to relief from symptoms associated with mental illness for weeks or months depending on the patient.

All patients meet directly with Dr. Lopez prior to treatment to ensure their eligibility for the therapy. The South Florida Ketamine Centers in South Miami, Florida also offers a heightened level of personal care for their patients and is the only ketamine clinic in the area offering one provider for every patient during the infusion process.

While there are psychedelics side effects, the guidance at SFKC helps minimize such experiences, and provides proper treatment towards recovery. This is only part of the reason why the future of psychedelics looks so promising.


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