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At Tru Health and Wellness, people suffering from chronic pain and mood disorders can find relief from their symptoms through ketamine therapy.

The wellness center utilizes cutting-edge ketamine treatments for conditions such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, and complex regional pain syndrome. Ketamine is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of treatment-resistant disorders in as many as 75 percent of people.

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The highly-trained staff at Tru Health and Wellness take pride in providing optimal care in an environment that puts the patient first. They use integrative and multi-disciplinary methods of treatment as a way to offer patients the most effective and well-rounded treatment options.

The team at the wellness center treats each patient as a partner so they can feel as though they are a significant part of their own healing process. By using ketamine, each patient that attends the clinic can find new hope for a brighter future.

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