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Uplyft Longevity Center – Chatsworth, California Ketamine Clinics

9568 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Chatsworth CA, 91311
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The combination of holistic and science-driven practices is what distinguishes the Uplyft Longevity Center in Chatsworth, California, from other clinics that offer ketamine treatments. The team at Uplyft puts together a treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of each individual who comes to them for treatment, in recognition that each patient brings with them “unique…requirements.”

Ketamine is classed as an essential medicine by the WHO due to its cardiopulmonary stability. It is a very safe anesthetic to use in pediatric or emergency situations. Among the many beneficial effects it has on the brain is the ability to increase synapse repair and function.

Hailed as a breakthrough psychiatric medication, ketamine and ketamine treatments at the Uplyft Longevity Center are a safe and fast-acting alternative to mainstream medications.

The Uplyft Longevity Center was founded by Dr. Joyce Kong, a passionate advocate of the idea of regenerative medicine. Dr. Kong sees that each patient has their “own microcosm,” a personal environment that contributes to their health and wellness.

The focus of treatment at the Uplyft clinic is to combine this attention to personal environment with leading-edge science. In this way the team can craft the most personalized and comprehensive treatment plan possible.

Ketamine therapy constitutes only a part of the treatment or recovery process. The expert team at the Uplyft Longevity Center make sure that all parts of that process are considered equally.

Offered Treatments

  • Please contact the clinic for more information on the varieties of ketamine treatment available at the clinic.

Treated Conditions

  • Please contact the clinic for further information on conditions treated with ketamine.

Important Info

  • Please contact the clinic for information regarding insurance, fees, and conditions or medications that might interfere with ketamine treatments.

Your Treatment: What to Expect

While undergoing ketamine therapy, many patients report feelings of floating, or of dissociation. Sometimes there is an increase in blood pressure and mild nausea. All of these symptoms are normal for the medication, and fade very soon after the treatment ends.

Up to 80 percent of patients report some sort of positive change following ketamine treatments, some after as little as one treatment.

Who is this treatment for?

In laboratory studies, ketamine therapy shows significant positive benefits to individuals who have had very little success with one or more mainstream antidepressants or therapies. Conditions that are refractory, or treatment-resistant, show significant decreases in symptoms after a course of ketamine treatments, most often in conjunction with a wider treatment plan.

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