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The Zion Life Retreat provides people with the chance to heal from various afflictions. They do this by offering psilocybin and psychedelic health retreats in Jamaica. The retreats are designed to heal the body, mind, and soul while providing people with the tools they need for continued wellness once the retreat is over. Psilocybin research has been ongoing and the latest discoveries have found that the natural drug can help mood disorders and other health concerns. 

Exciting news: Oregon is legalizing Psilocybin therapy in early 2023. Click here to get on the waiting list for the first state-approved psilocybin therapy in the United States now!

Stephanie Barnwell, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LNP), founded The Zion Life Retreat in the hopes of helping people become the best version of themselves physically and mentally. Barnwell and the highly compassionate team provide retreats that have helped many people achieve their full potential and healing. 

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