The Best Ketamine Clinics In Kansas

The Best Ketamine Clinics In Kansas

Over 36 percent of adults in Kansas reported anxiety or depression symptoms in February 2021, and one in five U.S. adults have a mental illness. Millions of people across the country are battling with depression, but there is hope for the epidemic.

There is a growing body of evidence that ketamine, originally an anesthetic, is a viable treatment for depression, but especially for treatment-resistant depression. And the good news is that as this therapy is becoming more widely accepted, professional ketamine clinics are emerging across the U.S., offering ketamine therapy under medical supervision, to the vast amount of people who need it.

As more and more clinics start up to meet the demand for ketamine therapy, the task of choosing the right one gets that much harder, but Healing Maps is here to help. If you’re looking for reliable ketamine clinics in Kansas, this is the place to start.

Best Ketamine Clinics in Kansas: How We Chose Which Clinics Make The List

As a directory for various psychedelic therapy options, we’ve gained experience identifying the top ketamine clinics all over the U.S., and we have a strict set of criteria we use to determine which clinics belong on our guides.

When putting together the list for best ketamine clinics in Kansas, we looked at a host of aspects, including how long a clinic has been open, the size of the clinic staff suite, how experienced the staff are, the clinic’s location, and of course its online reviews.

While our process is thorough, ketamine therapy is incredibly personal, with people responding differently to clinic facilities and physicians. We urge you to use this list as a starting point for deeper research. It’s important to call clinics and visit them, helping get a sense of the people and places you will be dealing with during your ketamine journey.

With that in mind, keep reading for the best ketamine clinics in Kansas.

The Best Ketamine Clinics in Kansas

Dr. Caitlin M. Winder of the University of Kansas
Dr. Caitlin M. Winder / The University of Kansas

Clinic Name: University of Kansas Health System (Main Hospital)

Location: 4000 Cambridge St. Kansas City, KS

What They Treat: Depression

Healing Maps Says: The University of Kansas Health System provides esketamine nasal spray for those seeking relief and ongoing remission from depression. The staff are experienced and professional, and the approach at the hospital is multi-disciplinary and personalized offering patients the chance to get the most from their treatment.

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Yes. The depression assessment and treatment program at the University of Kansas Health System provides multi-disciplinary care combining pharmacy, psychology, and psychiatry. Ketamine nasal spray is used in conjunction with the psychiatry and behavioural sciences of the university, which has provided cutting-edge psychiatry services since 1905.

Dr. Rahul Kapur of Shamam's Leawood
Dr. Rahul Kapur / Shaman’s Leawood Total Wellness

Clinic Name: Shaman’s Leawood Total Wellness – Leawood, Kansas

Location: 11709 Roe Ave. (Suite B), Leawood, KS

What They Treat: Major Depression, Postpartum Depression, Severe Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Depression, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Sympathetic Dystrophy, Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Healing Maps Says: Shaman’s Leawood views mental health and physical health as connected, and has designed their ketamine therapy offering around this idea. Dr. Rahul Kapur is the clinic’s functional medicine expert. As a board-certified family medicine physician with a dedication to integrative medicine, Dr. Kapur’s years of service and deep interest in the link between physical and mental health are at the core of the center’s ketamine therapy approach.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “Absolutely amazing service and employees. Everyone there cares deeply about your well being and really puts in the effort, going above and beyond, to ensure you’re happy. Extremely nice and caring people, amazing business.” – Mike Lynch via Google Reviews

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: No. Shaman’s Leawood provides ketamine infusions as part of a holistic plan that includes IV ketamine treatments and functional medicine, but not psychotherapy.

Dr. Raza Afri of Balanced Ketamine
Dr. Raza Jafri / Balanced Ketamine

Clinic Name: Balanced Ketamine – Overland Park, Kansas

Location: 6700 W. 121st St. (Suite 300 A1), Overland Park, KS

What They Treat: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Migraines

Healing Maps Says: Compassion is the foundation for every aspect at Balanced Ketamine. The expert-led ketamine infusions offered at the clinic are centered around comfort and healing for patients. Dr. Raza Jafri heads the team with the goal of long-lasting, sustainable results through multidisciplinary treatment.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “Dr. Jafri and staff are so personable and care about your needs. I truly appreciate them! They are the best! After years of depression and switching antidepressants over and over again, I finally feel the motivation that I was seeking along with the clear mind. I feel confident in Dr. Jafri’s knowledge and his caring attitude. I feel important every time I’m there. They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable!– Bobbi McCallum via Google Reviews

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Yes. Balanced Ketamine is a huge proponent of holistic, integrated care, offering psychiatry alongside tailored ketamine infusions.

Dr. Maria Cristina Davila from Awakenings KC
Dr. Maria Cristina Davila / Awakenings KC

Clinic Name: Awakenings KC – Prairie Village, Kansas

Location: 5300 West 94th Terrace (Suite 200), Prairie Village, KS

What They Treat: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Chronic Pain

Healing Maps Says: Awakenings KC’s Dr. Maria Davila completed her psychiatric residency at UMKC after her medical school training in Buenos Aires. Her expertise as a Certified Psychoanalyst, Fellow of the American Board of Addiction Medicine, and Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association as well as her passion for her community as a bilingual (Spanish) physician is tangible and brings a strong compassion and professionalism to the approach at Awakenings KC.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “I have only been going here for a short time but I am already thoroughly impressed with the staff I have interacted with. Dr Davila is a straight shooter. She doesn’t tell you things you want to hear she gives you the facts and her professional opinion. Which is very refreshing. Scott the therapist is not your typical therapist. He is totally non conventional but in such a good way. You feel like your just chatting with a friend and not a stuffy clinical therapist. And the girls who do the TMS are so friendly and always so cheerful along with the front desk girl. Everyone is very delightful and down to earth. I highly recommend Awakenings.” – Aundrea Gessner via Google Reviews

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Yes. Awakenings KC provides ketamine infusion therapy through esketamine nasal spray alongside psychotherapy to increase the chances of successful remission from Major Depressive Disorder. At Awakenings KC this combination results in an incredible 70 percent success rate when it comes to remission from severe depression.

Dr. Raymond Brovont of Bloom Health and Wellness
Dr. Raymond Brovont / Bloom Health and Wellness

Clinic Name: Bloom Health and Wellness – Prairie Village, Kansas

Location: 8201 Mission Rd. (Suite 202), Prairie Village, KS

What They Treat: Depression, Suicidal Ideation, OCD, PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathic Pain

Healing Maps Says: The treatment approach at Bloom Health and Wellness is highly patient-driven and it shows in everything from the treatment of staff to the facilities on offer. Weighted blankets, reclining chairs, soothing music, and noise-canceling headphones create a relaxing environment for infusions.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “My experience with Bloom Health and Wellness has been the cream of the crop. I’ve had ketamine treatments with two other facilities and, quite frankly, there isn’t a better place in KC to get a treatment. Dr. Brovont’s bedside manner is second to none and his staff are attentive and actually listen to what I say. They take a few minutes (or in my case maybe a few more) after each treatment to ask me what I experienced, how I am feeling now that the treatment is complete, and they work diligently to create a plan of care that works for me.

“I have struggled with severe OCD and major depression for 15 years. I’ve seen more doctors than I care to remember and tried more medications than I want to count (to be clear, over 25 different meds). With Bloom, I feel like Dr. Brovont and his staff take into account my own expertise on my illness. What works for me, what doesn’t. Before and after each treatment, Dr. Brovont meets with you to discuss other things important to mental health like diet, exercise options, gut health, etc.

“I truly believe he and his staff have my best interest at heart and they will do anything to help me on my mental health journey. They are always on time and respond quickly to any questions I have. This is also the only ketamine clinic I’ve been to where you can bring your visitor with you in the treatment room. I was leery at first, having only experienced the treatment all alone, but having my significant other with me was a god send. I cannot recommend their services strongly enough.” – Andy Hall via Google Reviews

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: No. Bloom Health and Wellness does not offer psychotherapy alongside your ketamine treatment, but they will work closely with your current therapist or psychiatrist to ensure the best results from the treatment.

Dr. Mayank Gupta of Kansas Pain Management
Dr. Mayank Gupta / Kansas Pain Management

Clinic Name: Kansas Pain Management – Roeland, Kansas

Location: 5675 Roe Blvd. (Suite 210), Roeland Park, KS

What They Treat: Chronic Pain, Neuropathic Pain, Polyneuropathy, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Healing Maps Says: Kansas Pain Management’s team consists of a range of highly specialized experts including double board certified anesthesiologists and specialized nurses with a focus on severe pain.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “The doctors, nurses and staff are kind, thoughtful, and truly listen to understand what I’m going through. They presented several options to treat my chronic pain. I finally have a treatment plan that addresses/eliminates my back pain so I can actually live my life!! They are such a blessing to me and I’m grateful to have found them!” – Tracy Livingston via Google Reviews

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: No. As a pain-focused clinic, Kansas Pain Management only offers IV ketamine infusions for relief of various kinds of pain.

Best Ketamine Clinics in Kansas – In Conclusion

People around the world are realizing the benefits of ketamine therapy. Each of the best ketamine clinics in Kansas offer a high level of care mixed with state-of-the-art facilities and staff. Thanks to these clinics, Kansas citizens have access to life-changing alternative mental health treatments.

While we do our best to vet each clinic on this list, experiences with them vary for each person. So we encourage you to research different options and ask common ketamine therapy questions to determine which clinic is right for you.

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