The Best Ketamine Clinics in Miami

The Best Ketamine Clinics in Miami

Many ketamine clinics claim impressive results in treating chronic pain and mental health disorders. For some people with hard-to-treat conditions like treatment-resistant depression, PTSD or even Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, ketamine is the only thing that helps. Word has spread and now there are an abundance of clinics, wellness centers and retreats to choose from in Miami. We’ve rounded up a list of the best ketamine clinics in Miami to take the guesswork out of finding the right place for you.

Finding the right clinic means choosing staff who have expertise in your condition, an atmosphere and staff that make you feel the most comfortable, and that provide the right support to give you the best shot at making a change. Ketamine treatments like infusions can be expensive and are only reimbursable by insurance sometimes. They also take many weeks, so find a team that you are excited to take the journey with.

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Best Ketamine Clinics in Miami: How We Build the List

With so many options, deciding on the best ketamine clinics in Miami is tough. We start by reading reviews and checking out a clinic’s programming. We look into the experience of the founders and staff and how long a clinic has been running. Honest people and a realistic approach matter, because even with incredible teams and cutting-edge technology, there is no guarantee ketamine will work for you. Everyone responds to ketamine differently and no one can tell you how it will go.

We are of the belief that while ketamine has the potential to help, support from therapists, coaches and a community is also where change happens. We pay attention to how a clinic handles preparation, integration and collaboration with other care providers. Some clinics include therapy, coaching or group work in their packages while others do not. Be sure to consider this when looking at prices. Also, some practitioners focus on either mental health or pain; though sometimes both, so choose what’s best for you.

We encourage you to look at many centers before making a choice, to do your own research and to communicate your intention to try ketamine with your primary care provider. If you are outside of Miami or able to travel for treatment, many other centers throughout Florida exist.

Here is our list of the Best Ketamine Clinics in Miami:

Dr. Marc Ettensohn of Cornerstone Psychiatry
Dr. Marc Ettensohn / Cornerstone Psychiatry

Cornerstone Psychiatry Care

8895 N Military Trl #306e, Palm Beach Gardens

What they treat: Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, PTSD and OCD.

Healing Maps says: Founded by Marc Attensohn, MD. His years of experience with ketamine’s use in psychiatry have informed his approach. He has co-authored several peer-reviewed research papers on the subject. Dr. Attensohn collaborates with a team of distinguished psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and support staff who specialize in treatment-resistant cases across two Florida locations, making it one of the best ketamine clinics in Miami. Cornerstone offers a wide range of services, notably ketamine in combination with SoundSelf biofeedback to help extend the benefits of treatment.

Intake into Cornerstone Psychiatry can be done through the website by scheduling a telephone appointment. In appropriate cases, both intravenous and intranasal (Spravato) ketamine are available. Treatments are administered in a safe, comfortable and private environment. Infusions include six sessions over two to three weeks, with boosters available as needed. While infusions are not covered by insurance, some patients may have coverage for Spravato. Used for treatment-resistant depression, an intervention with Spravato is eight weeks initially, with later doses depending on response. 

Patient Testimonial/Review: “Not only has ketamine continued to literally save my life from my treatment-resistant depression, but the entire staff is the most compassionate, helpful, and caring group of people I have ever met!” – Laura via Google

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Yes. Cornerstone encourages patients to maximize ketamine treatments with therapy, and psychotherapy for a wide range of disorders is available through the site.

Shannon Starr Floresta Retreats
Sonia Starr / Owner Floresta Retreats

Floresta Retreats Miami

27950 SW 182nd Ave, Homestead, FL 33031, United States

What They Treat: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, addiction, and other mood disorders.

Healing Maps Says: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Shannon Starr founded Floresta. She has supported thousands of people in ketamine experiences. Additional retreat staff are clinicians, doctors and coaches focused on creating holistic and transformative group experiences. The three-day retreats include yoga, meditation, breathwork, movement, sound, psychedelic experiences and group integration circles at multiple locations, including Miami.

Furthermore, the retreats happen in harmony between participants and nature, while the team ensures a safe and meaningful experience with lasting effects. Ketamine is administered through intramuscular injection. The retreat also offers traditional medicines like sananga eye drops and rapéh (tobacco snuff). Applications include a psychiatric evaluation and can be found on the website, along with the option to book a free call with the team. Their process and results make it one of the best ketamine clinics in Miami.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “Floresta created a safe place that was ideal for letting go and receiving a truly spectacular experience. I felt so much support from the professionals in charge. This is an intense and very spiritual approach to letting go and being open to new possibilities and insights.” – Jodi H via website

Do They Offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy:
Floresta is a group retreat with multiple integration circles with support from mental health professionals but does not necessarily include individual therapy sessions.

Dr. Michael Cooper, Medical Director, Innerwell, Seattle
Dr. Michael Cooper / Medical Director Innerwell

Innerwell Miami

Remote telehealth

What They Treat: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, gender dysphoria, postpartum and others.

Healing Maps Says: Founded by Dr. Michael Cooper, Innerwell is a telehealth service providing the option for ketamine treatment in the comfort of one’s own home. The online platform is staffed by licensed psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists with psychedelic-specific training. Modalities like EMDR are possible to help people move beyond symptoms with treatments customized to their lifestyle. Using oral ketamine, treatment is possible for a much lower cost than in-person infusions and patients can begin treatment in under a week.

An online assessment can be completed through the website. After that, patients can book a free consultation call to connect with staff and create a comprehensive treatment plan. Multiple plans are available, ranging from eight to twenty-four ketamine experiences. During treatment, Innerwell’s app informs the team of individual progress while providing access to other modalities like breathwork, meditation, mindfulness and music for ketamine journeys, making it one of the best ketamine clinics in Miami.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “I’ve been using Innerwell. Absolutely wonderful experience and I will be a champion and advocate for this forever! Excited to see what the future holds.” -FieldneyRodnerfield via Reddit

Do They Offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy:
Yes. All treatment packages include multiple sessions with a psychiatrist, a single psychotherapy session, support from the care team and access to Innerwell’s online community. The clinic offers, for an extra cost, a guide who will be present for a ketamine session, and/or additional therapy sessions.

Dr. Raul Cruz
Dr. Raul Cruz / Medical Director Ketamine Health Centers

Ketamine Health Centers

9408 SW 87th Ave Suite 302, Miami

What They Treat: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, bipolar, suicidal ideation, addiction, autism and chronic pain.

Healing Maps Says: Ketamine Health Centers believes to best utilize ketamine both a Medical Doctor with anesthesia experience and a Psychiatrist should be on staff. True to their beliefs, all four centers in Florida employ both, with the Miami clinic staffed by Medical Director Raul Cruz, who has over ten years of experience with ketamine. Dr. Francisco Cruz is the resident Psychiatrist, along with the much loved Jenny Heneriz, RN and Yusleidi Pradera, Patient Care coordinator. In addition, Ketamine Health Centers offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and offers affordable therapeutic support in person or online, making it one of the best ketamine clinics in Miami.

To start with, consultations for prospective patients can be scheduled through the website. A comprehensive physical and psychiatric assessment ensures ketamine can be done safely and effectively. Patients then choose packages for mental health, pain or a combo of both. A package is typically six infusions. Mental health treatment plans include two thirty-minute check-ins with a therapist. Financing is available along with the RESKUE program giving discounts to veterans and first responders.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “It was life-changing, to say the least. The staff is spectacular, and this place was essential on my road to mental health recovery.” – Juan via Google

Do They Offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy: Yes, Ketamine Health Centers work with psychotherapists, hypnotherapy and EMDR for all age groups along with couples therapy and family counseling. 

Dr. Michelle Wiener
Dr. Michelle Wiener / Owner

Dr. Michelle Wiener

1250 E Hallandale Beach Blvd # 605, Hallandale Beach

What They Treat: Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, PTSD, anxiety and OCD.

Healing Maps Says: Michelle Wiener is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who specializes in integrative pain management and ketamine-assisted therapy. She is also Vice-President of Mr. Psychedelic Law, an advocacy group for the legal reform of psychedelics in Miami. Dr. Wiener’s approach includes an understanding of how nutrition, sleep, fitness, relationships and trauma affect physical pain. Alongside ketamine, Dr. Wiener has cannabis and CBD in her toolkit. Supported by nurse practitioners and a team of mental and physical health professionals Dr. Wiener’s four locations offer a holistic approach, making it one of the best ketamine clinics in Miami.

Then, after an initial screening for eligibility and understanding of a patient’s diagnosis, the preferred route of administration will be established, with intravenous, intramuscular and oral ketamine available. Preparation with a coach occurs beforehand along with coordination with existing mental health support. A brief meditation and breathwork precedes dosing, followed by a short integration chat. Typically, treatments will be between four and six sessions, with boosters as required.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “I consider myself beyond lucky and blessed for finding Dr. Wiener. Thanks to her I found Ketamine and the amazing benefits and change it has made in my chronic pain life.” – Ana via Google

Do They Offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy: Support is in the form of coaching, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, and group sessions.

Khali Reed, CRNA, APRN, Ketamine Clinics of South Florida
Khali Reed / Co-Owner Ketamine Clinic of South Florida

Ketamine Clinic South Florida

300 W 41st St #100B, Miami Beach

What They Treat: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD and migraines.

Healing Maps Says: Together Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologists Khali Reed and Sonia Cotto have created Ketamine and Wellness Clinic South Florida. With Medical Director and Psychiatrist Delvena Thomas and a team of physicians, nurse practitioners and psychedelic integration specialists the clinic offers a variety of health and wellness services. Group sessions with addiction expert John J. Giordano CAP, MAC, DHL are available to ketamine patients in a safe haven designed for healing.

Patients can schedule a consultation online for the creation of a customized treatment plan. This level of accessibility makes it one of the best ketamine clinics in Miami. Treatments are intravenous or intramuscular and generally consist of four to six infusions over two to three weeks, with boosters for those who need them. Preparation and integration by certified coaches guide the process while patients undergoing ketamine treatment have discounted access to other services like micronutrient testing and hydration therapy. While insurance does not cover ketamine treatment, financing and Superbills through the Osmind app are available.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “Ketamine Infusions at this clinic brought about a powerful shift in my mental health. The relief I experienced was beyond words. It felt like my brain has now been reset, I am able to think more clearly and greatly reduced brain fog from the negative lens of depression.” – Ryan via Google

Do They Offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy: Yes. The clinic offers therapy for PTSD and addiction, and all ketamine treatments are accompanied by preparation and integration coaching. The weekly group session is complementary to all ketamine patients.

Alejandro Jackman Founder of Ketamine Lounge
Alejandro Jackman / Founder Ketamine Lounge

Ketamine Lounge

960 W 41st St Suite 106, Miami Beach

What They Treat: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, addiction, sleep and suicidal ideation.

Healing Maps Says: Ketamine Lounge was founded by Alejandro Jackman, who has witnessed the potential of ketamine by building the Miami Beach ketamine clinic Tristar Wellness. Guided by the medical direction of Rudolph Eberwein, MD, who has over 24 years of experience in medicine, nurse practitioner Diana Aristizabal and customer care Reanna Ramkhelawan Ketamine Lounge is seeking to build the next generation of ketamine experiences. With an immersive environment and cutting-edge technology created by Brian Dass, the lounge seeks to be more than a clinic, but a membership club to connect people.

After booking through the website an appointment for vitals, medical history and questionnaires are completed and a staff doctor will assess if ketamine treatment is appropriate. Ketamine treatments take place in an ergonomic recliner in a private room with staff monitoring vitals. Curated musical arrangements and an integrated iPad for psychotherapy aid the journey. A typical course of treatment at Ketamine Lounge is six to eight infusions, with boosters as necessary. 

Patient Testimonial/Review: “Profound experience. Professional facility. I received my first IV ketamine treatment with Ketamine Lounge and I could not have had a better experience with this group of healthcare providers. From start to finish, the people who work here are phenomenal.” – Jessica via Google

Do They Offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy:
Ketamine Lounge endorses sustaining any benefit gained through lifestyle changes like nutrition, exercise and psychotherapy.

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