The Best Ketamine Clinics In The Bay Area

The Best Ketamine Clinics In The Bay Area

Since its creation in 1962, ketamine has been used as an anesthetic, a party drug, and now, a life-saving alternative treatment for depression and other mental health conditions.

In recent years, using ketamine for depression has shown the ability to alleviate severe symptoms of the mental health issue. Additionally, promising research indicates that ketamine has a 75 percent success rate when it comes to helping people overcome treatment-resistant depression.

With such promising statistics in the midst of a mental health crisis, it’s no surprise that ketamine clinics have emerged across the United States.

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Best Ketamine Clinics in the Bay Area: How We Chose Which Clinics Make The List

With more and more ketamine clinics starting to meet the growing demand for this life-changing treatment, the need to identify reputable clinics has grown astronomically.

As a directory for both ketamine clinics and psychedelic retreats, we’ve developed an effective way to identify trustworthy professionals. We use this information to help point others in the right direction when considering alternative therapy.

Our comprehensive criteria considers a clinic’s time in operation, it’s staff and their experience, its online reviews, and its location. We research every clinic with these criteria in mind prior to including it in this list.

Despite our resources, it’s important to remember that ketamine therapy is incredibly personal. While we help guide your research, your ketamine experience will depend on your feelings about a clinic’s facilities and staff.

For that reason we encourage you to use this list of the best ketamine clinics in the Bay Area as a starting point for deeper research prior to committing to a clinic.

The Best Ketamine Clinics in the Bay Area

Dr. Robert M. Grant of Healing Realms Psychotherapy
Dr. Robert M. Grant / Healing Realms

Clinic Name: Healing Realms Center

Location: 4200 18th Street, San Francisco, California

What They Treat: Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, OCD, Substance Dependencies

Healing Maps Says: Healing Realms Center offers oral ketamine tablets and intramuscular ketamine injections and ketamine education to help patients deepen their spiritual connection and elevate their psychological healing. The center focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion, aiming to help the LGBTQ+ and POC communities with their range of skilled therapists and physicians.

Healing Realms was founded by two distinguished doctors, Dr. Robert Grant and Dr. Jessica Katzman, who bring decades of experience and compassion to the center. The center also contributes to research on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Yes. Healing Realms Center uses ketamine as a tool to supplement and elevate traditional psychotherapy. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy at Healing Realms Center focuses on helping communities find deep healing and a stronger spiritual connection.

Dr. Ruben Kalra of Pain Medicine Consultants
Dr. Ruben Kalra / Pain Medicine Consultants

Clinic Name: Pain Medicine Consultants

Location: 2 Fifer Avenue, Suite 130, Corte Madera, California, 94925

What They Treat: Neuropathic pain, Chronic neck or back pain, Fibromyalgia, Depression

Healing Maps Says: Pain Medicine Consultants is comprised of a team of experts in interventional pain. Together with their nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, they offer ketamine infusion therapy for fast relief of depression and PTSD in a calm and professional environment.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “I have had nothing but positive experiences at Dr. Kalra’s clinic. Everyone listens carefully, explains any and all options, and treats me with care, respect and compassion. This is not always an easy field to practice in but they have helped me lead as active and positive a life as possible.” – Stephen Quinn via Google Reviews

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? No. Pain Medicine Consultants only offers ketamine infusions for mental health and pain. They do not offer psychotherapy alongside it.

Dr. Deidra Somerville of Sage Institute (Alchemy Community Therapy Center)
Dr. Deidra Somerville / Sage Institute (Alchemy Community Therapy Center)

Clinic Name: Sage Institute (now the Alchemy Community Therapy Center)

Location: 444 34th Street Oakland, California, 94609

What They Treat: Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Addiction, Anxiety

Healing Maps Says: Formerly the Sage Institute, Alchemy Community Therapy Center strives for a world where everyone can access the freeing mental health treatment offered by ketamine and talk therapy. Focusing on underserved communities, Alchemy prioritizes quality care and ethics to foster both personal and community healing.

The team is led by Dr. Deidra Somerville, who is known for her experience in healing from trauma and her intentional and decolonized approach.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “Sage Institute operates at the true cutting edge of contemporary psychotherapy. In a way, they’ve set the standard for psychedelic integration therapy that should hopefully be available everywhere to anybody. It’s truly a gift to have their highly competent practitioners in your corner. As legalized psychedelic therapies begin to rise in the near future, Sage Institute is out there delivering a stellar model for how the current tidal shift in healing practices can be carried out for all human beings, especially those who have struggled to find the warm comforting connections needed for true growth through more established channels.” – Steve Palaia via Facebook

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Yes. Alchemy offers integration sessions with a therapist to help patients use their ketamine experiences as tools for deeper insights and sustainable healing.

Dr. Ryan Vidrine of Mindful Health Solutions
Dr. Ryan Vidrine / Mindful Health Solutions

Clinic Name: Mindful Health Solutions

Location: 3300 Webster Street, Suite #402 Oakland, California, 94609

What They Treat: Major Depressive Disorder, OCD, Anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder

Healing Maps Says: Mindful Health Solutions helps those with treatment-resistant depression through esketamine nasal spray. The experienced team of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and nurse practitioners provide expert care with a focus on safety and trust.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “Dr. Irby is a great doctor who has gone out of his way to provide great care for me. He is nonjudgmental and listens to concerns and needs. The staff that I was in contact with treated me kindly and have generally been responsive even through difficult times.” – Victor Miranda via Google Reviews

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? No. Mindful Health Solutions offers esketamine and telepsychiatry, but not the two together as one holistic treatment approach.

Dr. Joshua Flatow of Pacific Mind Health
Dr. Joshua Flatow / Pacific Mind Health

Clinic Name: Pacific Mind Health

Location: One Sansome Street, Suite 3500, San Francisco, California, 94104

What They Treat: Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Sleep Disorders, ADHD, Panic Disorders

Healing Maps Says: Pacific Mind Health offers intravenous and intramuscular ketamine therapy to help patients overcome an array of mood disorders that can hamper their quality of life.

Led by Psychiatrist Joshua Flatow, the comprehensive team of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, and nurses aim to help patients regain their sense of self and their quality of life for a better future.

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? No. Pacific Mind Health offers different forms of therapy to help their patients, but not ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Dr. Patrick Oliver of Mindpeace Clinics
Dr. Patrick Oliver / Mindpeace Clinics

Clinic Name: MindPeace Clinics

Location: 2107 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, California, 94115

What They Treat: Depression, Fibromyaldia, Migraines, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Suicidal Ideation

Healing Maps Says: MindPeace Clinics offers ketamine infusions to help patients overcome treatment-resistant mental health conditions fast. The team at MindPeace Clinics is led by Dr. Patrick Oliver, a distinguished physician in the ketamine therapy world.

The clinic has a 75 percent success rate for patients with depression or treatment-resistant depression, and it has a strong focus on lasting recovery.

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? No. MindPeace Clinics only offers ketamine infusions, without psychotherapy, to help patients recover from depression.

Dr. Leonardo Vando of Mindbloom

Dr. Leonardo Vando // Mindbloom

Clinic Name: Mindbloom At Home Ketamine Telehealth

What They Treat: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Stress, Lack of purpose, Bad habits, Feeling lost

Healing Maps Says: As the leader in at-home ketamine therapy, Mindbloom combines a personalized approach with science-backed therapies, helping transform lives.

By utilizing an at-home service, Mindbloom brings comfort and convenience to the ketamine experience, allowing clients to access treatment from the comfort of their own homes.

Mindbloom is committed to being patient, positive, and supportive throughout the entire journey for each one of its clients.

Patient Testimonial/Review: “There’s positivity in my life. Those words didn’t exist before and that is life-changing… I would especially recommend this program for someone who struggles with self-worth, who struggles with an internal critic.” – Melody

Do They Offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy? Yes. Mindbloom guides clients through a personalized program from start to finish. From consultation through the ketamine experience, a clinician will ensure you’re prepared for the journey.

Best Ketamine Clinics in the Bay Area – In Conclusion

It’s important to remember that ketamine therapy is an incredibly personal experience. We recommend reading reviews, contacting clinics and viewing their facilities before you decide on the one for you.

Ketamine might be a life-changing experience for you, and it all starts with choosing the right clinic. We hope our guide to the best ketamine clinics in the Bay Area helps get you started.

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